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The Springfords blog - 2012

18 Dec 2012And finally for 2012

And finally for 2012

Nowadays as advisers we expect to hear from our clients at all times of the day and night, with mobile technology having made us more accessible and available than ever before.  As we break for the Festive Season ... (more)

17 Dec 2012Festive Musings

Festive Musings

The tax avoidance bandwagon rolls on.  Referring to the inclination of some to contribute to the Treasury’s tax kitty, the Chief Secretary has a seasonal swipe at the multinational corporations.  Danny Alexander is reported to have suggested that ... (more)

05 Dec 2012Protecting us from ourselves ... never mind others

Protecting us from ourselves ... never mind others

It's true.  Of the computer users hacked in the Greek Finance Ministry, 37% were using the same password. The SAME password!  Not only that, but the password they were using was Number 2 in the study on the ... (more)

03 Dec 2012Blog Power

Blog Power

Girl Power has come and gone, and the power of the media will be shackled if Lord Leveson has his way (although our Prime Minister appears to have different ideas) ... but blog power rules. Only a few days ... (more)

27 Nov 2012Look out for that shovel

Look out for that shovel

Last night’s broadcast of BBC’s Panorama lifted the lid on what had been billed as ‘illegal tax evasion’.  That begged the question as to what other kind of tax evasion there is.  There is of course none.  Tax ... (more)

02 Nov 2012Blogs, breaks and buses

Blogs, breaks and buses

It strikes me that blogs aren’t too different to Glasgow buses.  You don’t see one for a time, then a couple arrive together.  That’s certainly how it used to be in Glasgow, but a recent visit to the ... (more)

02 Nov 2012It

It's election time

In the midst of the disaster that has befallen much of the East Coast, we can be forgiven for overlooking the impending US Presidential Election.  The impact of Superstorm Sandy has taken attention from the campaign trail to ... (more)

03 Oct 2012Did you hear the one about...

Did you hear the one about...

The London lawyer, the Newcastle beautician, the Welsh shopkeeper and the Scottish motor dealer?  They owe tax of £19.5M … or so HM Revenue & Customs maintains. These are some of the latest targets in HMRC’s taskforce initiative.  In ... (more)

17 Sep 2012From Lennoxlove to Canada

From Lennoxlove to Canada

On a nippy November night last year I found myself at Lennoxlove, the family seat of the Duke of Hamilton, listening to a riveting address by the Rt Hon Alistair Darling, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, on his ... (more)

14 Sep 2012A fragile start

A fragile start

Today seems longer than the usual Friday after last night’s Law Awards of Scotland event at Glasgow’s Radisson Hotel - a great night in the company of folks from client, MBM Commercial, who had been nominated in no ... (more)

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