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The Springfords blog - 2014

23 Dec 2014When is a freelance not a freelance?

When is a freelance not a freelance?

If your carefree freelance lifestyle has settled down to a cosy monogamous relationship with just one steady client, you might find it really is a properly bad time all round. If you’ve never heard of IR35, don’t be too ... (more)

18 Dec 2014Hanging on the Telephone

Hanging on the Telephone

Back before he had Jessica Rabbit on speed dial, Bob Hoskins went to some lengths to remind us “it’s good to talk” - and so it was, just so long as you did your snappy chatting after 1pm.  ... (more)

11 Dec 2014Gumming up the planet

Gumming up the planet

We live in a litter strewn society, and that’s no good for anyone.  Quite apart from the unsightly aspects, what are the costs of cleaning up to the economy in general?  One organisation has put a price on ... (more)

03 Dec 2014You're Fired! No! You're Hired!

You're Fired! No! You're Hired!

Could your business take on an apprentice?  It’s a question that is being asked more and more often - and not just by the judges on the famous TV show. It used to be the right of passage for ... (more)

01 Dec 2014Want fries with that?

Want fries with that?

Would you pay a health tax for your takeaway?  What about a waistline waiver for thinnies?  If it’s not just your chips that are chunky, how would you feel about a targeted tax on junk food? A healthy tax ... (more)

25 Nov 2014Charitable Giving and Tax

Charitable Giving and Tax

With the VAT exemption on the recent Band Aid single, the charity will earn more from sales of the single. You don’t need to be tax experts like Springfords to work out the potential benefits of waiving taxation ... (more)

12 Nov 2014Scottish Family Business Week

Scottish Family Business Week

Ever since Kane and Abel settled their differences on a permanent basis, family business has had its bad points and its good ones.  This week, as the accountants who take account of family matters, we’re celebrating the latter. Scottish ... (more)

21 Oct 2014Tax inequality

Tax inequality

The hospitality industry is looking to bridge the tax gap between themselves and retailers.  They’re trying to cross the divide between prepared and prepacked food.  The local pub is at stake. It’s the fiftieth anniversary of the Forth Road ... (more)

15 Oct 2014Tax changes

Tax changes

“The more things change the more they stay the same”.  Whoever wrote that never worked in the ever altering reality of the British tax system.  “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it” might be more apposite… Being expert in tax ... (more)

06 Oct 2014Tax - it's all in the mind

Tax - it's all in the mind

The right words mean a lot.  Saying the right thing, and saying it right.  It’s the best way to get results - and now the tax authorities have added eloquence to their charmoury... With a fresh quill, and a ... (more)

06 Oct 2014iSpy with my pilotless Eye

iSpy with my pilotless Eye

There’s nothing new about tax inspectors taking extraordinary lengths to uncover the dodges of the less than scrupulous.  However, tax authorities are going to new heights to uncover undeclared assets. In the wealthier suburbs of the capital, Buenos Aires, ... (more)

30 Sep 2014Corporation tax or your profits up in smoke?

Corporation tax or your profits up in smoke?

The referendum may have returned a rebuff on independence, but it has opened a whole multiple choice on the future business tax regime in Scotland and the UK at large. It’s been widely reported that cutting Corporation Tax (CT) ... (more)

16 Sep 2014Local Councils' Tardiness Costs Business

Local Councils' Tardiness Costs Business

Local councils put a power of effort into revenue collection.  Is that why they are lethargic on the accounts payable side? After the weather, it’s probably the most talked about subject in conversation.  “Turned out nice again, didn’t it?  Have ... (more)

05 Sep 2014Tax Disc Reaches End Of The Road

Tax Disc Reaches End Of The Road

When is a tax disc not a tax disc?  Well, obviously, when it’s a Road Fund Licence and, as of October, when it ceases to be a physical document at all, and succumbs to the inevitable march of ... (more)

01 Sep 2014Over taxed and over here

Over taxed and over here

Massive American corporations have always had an avaricious eye focused on UK companies.  One thing has changed though, it’s not just profit that is driving the scramble to take a bite from the old country’s corporate body. A quick ... (more)

19 Aug 2014No Debt. No Credit. No Service.

No Debt. No Credit. No Service.

You wouldn’t present yourself for an important meeting in a dishevelled state and expect to get an attentive hearing, but turn up in your best bib and tucker for a credit scoring and you may be unpleasantly surprised ... (more)

14 Aug 2014Time and time and overtime again

Time and time and overtime again

Nine to five may be the tradition, but tradition is northing in the face of modern working practices.  Many shudder at the thought of a return to Victorian hours, but in this “always on” world, most of the ... (more)

07 Aug 2014I hear you have a room to let?

I hear you have a room to let?

Beware ...  HMRC are plumbing the depths to flush out what they claim is a shoal of unwitting landlords and room letters, who have not cut the Don - sorry - Chancellor in on the deal. Always leading the ... (more)

06 Aug 2014I've been driverless in my car - Madness?

I've been driverless in my car - Madness?

What if keeping your hands on the wheel ceased to be compulsory and became a hindrance to travel?  Personal transport that does the getting there for you.  The advent of driverless technology is closer than you think. How would ... (more)

28 Jul 2014Under starters orders for the Games and business

Under starters orders for the Games and business

Under starters orders for the Games and business Glasgow has stunned health professionals with an astounding spike in fitness amongst the population.  Unfortunately, there will be a corresponding collapse when all those toned and honed athletes go home after ... (more)

23 Jul 2014Should paying be a contact sport?

Should paying be a contact sport?

The generation born today will never have a pound in their pocket.  Being out of touch with cash in the age of swipe to pay could spell financial disaster.  There aren’t conductors anymore, except maybe Esa-Pekka Salonen and Carl ... (more)

17 Jul 2014The wages race - changes in pace!

The wages race - changes in pace!

Women reach their peak at 34.  Men are actually hardly getting started at 17, but by the time they reach 49, their performance is better than ever.   You thought the Office of National Statistics (ONS) wasn’t interested in that ... (more)

15 Jul 2014Being economic with your health

Being economic with your health

Britain has gone from a nation of shopkeepers to a nation of shirkers says a new report.  We’d rather stay under the duvet than get out of bed and get behind the counter.  The cost to business is ... (more)

09 Jul 2014Debt Mismanagement

Debt Mismanagement

When the company that handles the collection of outstanding invoices hits the skids, questions should be asked. “show me the money” comes to mind. So what went wrong at Debt Help & Advice Limited?  After falling down on the ... (more)

02 Jul 2014They have your cake and eat it.  Now when will they pay for it?

They have your cake and eat it. Now when will they pay for it?

There’s nothing worse than getting the job done and still having the paperwork to do.  Actually there is.  When that paperwork is the bill, and it’s being ignored.  The hidden shame of British business takes the biscuit. Tunnock’s, Scotland’s ... (more)

30 Jun 2014Does Carney Bring Canadian Cheer?

Does Carney Bring Canadian Cheer?

Mark Carney is a stereotypically polite Canadian, so it seems rather rude to arrive in the country and, hardly has he unpacked his ice hockey skates and maple syrup supply, he then drops the bombshell of an interest ... (more)

19 Jun 2014Do Your Homework on Home Working

Do Your Homework on Home Working

Home working is a really busy life.  Have your feet not touched the ground all day - because they’ve never been off you desk?  The Office of National Statistics, the UK Government’s care in the community scheme for obsessively ... (more)

05 Jun 2014Retirement - tax twilight or coming gloom?

Retirement - tax twilight or coming gloom?

Proposals to make retirement less taxing are tempered by figures showing more retirees than ever are facing big bills from the Chancellor. Everybody’s favourite guest presenter of Have I Got News For You - Boris Johnson - has put ... (more)

30 May 2014Hey Partner, how's your Partnership Planning

Hey Partner, how's your Partnership Planning

Cash could be flowing out of your partnership if you haven’t planned ahead for some changes in the way you’re assessed.  Some words of caution from your partners in kind, Springfords. That nasty man George Osborne has been at ... (more)

13 May 2014Opportunities down the line

Opportunities down the line

How ready are you to take advantage of opportunity when it comes knocking at your door? How well prepared are you to make the most of what life, and infrastructure projects throw at you? The middle of May represented ... (more)

13 May 2014Tax That & Party

Tax That & Party

“Today this could be ... the greatest bill of our lives" or “How did it come to this ...sum?” -  those words may have formed  the first lines of a new lyric penned  over the weekend by Messers ... (more)

28 Apr 2014File your tax return - win a Ferrari

File your tax return - win a Ferrari

Throughout the world, governments take a dim view of late filing of tax returns.  It drives tax advisors globally to distraction.  At least now though tax payers in Greece may have the opportunity to drive to the tax ... (more)

21 Apr 2014Bank holidays are bad for you

Bank holidays are bad for you

Does the ritual of the bank holiday, public holiday, call it what you will holiday, do more harm than good? Breaks to routine, added family stress, and not to mention lost productivity all add up to more than ... (more)

21 Apr 2014Taxman to open a new account - yours

Taxman to open a new account - yours

What difference would it make to you if HMRC had greater powers to access your business or personal bank accounts? Potentially quite a lot, actually. You’ve nothing to worry about, have you? Your affairs are in order. With your ... (more)

09 Apr 2014Death and The Good Life

Death and The Good Life

You may have heard that Bob Larbey passed away recently. He had a good life. In fact, he had more than a good life - he wrote “The Good Life”. The comedy script writer penned the famously successful ... (more)

04 Apr 2014Cash in the Community

Cash in the Community

You can’t get much more mainstream than being reviewed in Which? Which is why Peer-to-Peer lending, money from the many, is the choice of trend setting enterprise, and an interesting potential investment opportunity too. So how does it work? ... (more)

01 Apr 2014Here Come The Girls

Here Come The Girls

Recently, you might have seen a whole raft of reports about women in the boardroom. Here at Springfords, we just took one look and said “So, what’s new?” It’s all about merit at Springfords. We’re not too concerned about ... (more)

28 Mar 2014UK Budget 2014: Beyond the numbers

UK Budget 2014: Beyond the numbers

Does Osborne have Balls, or did he make a right  mecca of it?  We’ll let the Chancellor and his shadow box away at each other for a while yet, shall we?  For the rest of the grey-haired, bingo-playing, ... (more)

18 Mar 2014Online Fraud: Phishing for Con-pliments

Online Fraud: Phishing for Con-pliments

Online is great for everything. Thanks Tim, for inventing the Internet, twenty-five years ago - you’re a star! Do you know Sir Tim gave away the idea, so he never earned a penny from his invention? Unfortunately, not ... (more)

13 Mar 2014Budget Predictions: The Osborne Ultimatum

Budget Predictions: The Osborne Ultimatum

B-day is just a week away, and the media is in overdrive, predicting what George will take out of your pocket and put into his. Well, so you would think. In fact, there’s precious little by way of ... (more)

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