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The Springfords blog - 2015

22 Dec 2015When will you pay me

When will you pay me

Say the bells of Old Bailey.  As old as the nursery rhyme, the number one problem for small business remains the same as it’s always been.  Late payment. It’s a subject we’ve touched on before.  It’s a subject we’ll ... (more)

18 Dec 2015BIG Data

BIG Data

If data is knowledge then our knowledge economy is doing very well. As we produce more and more of the stuff, businesses are discovering more and more ways to turn all that information into cold hard cash. Unless you’re ... (more)

16 Dec 2015When we like to party, we like to party hard

When we like to party, we like to party hard

Everyone should have a good time at this time of year.  It’s great for team morale and a great way to reward everyone for a year of hard work.  So, go on, go for it.  We’ll be celebrating ... (more)

11 Dec 2015Her Majesty's Burgers and Revenue

Her Majesty's Burgers and Revenue

What’s the beef with this one.  Under that old guise of improving the health of the populace, there’s a proposal to take a choice cut out of the nation’s diet, and impose a brand new tax on meat.  ... (more)

08 Dec 2015Job Security

Job Security

The swirling currents of the workplace means the job on which you set sail may not be the one you dock with at the end of your working voyage.  Not many candlestick makers these days, and butchers and bakers ... (more)

03 Dec 2015Next Generation Rent

Next Generation Rent

Springfords gets out the crystal ball to see who are the new home owners, and what will the landscape look like in ten years time.  Will the property ladder remain a mountain or will there be a new ... (more)

30 Nov 2015For richer for poorer

For richer for poorer

It’s a marriage made in heaven.  At least it is for the tax man, since a subtle change in the allowances has slipped under the radar and the chancellor’s little dowry has gone unnoticed by nine out of ... (more)

25 Nov 2015Part time all the time

Part time all the time

Recent figures show that more and more of Britain’s top executives are working four or even three day weeks, but is that a real reflection of how much time they put in to their career obligations? Does part time ... (more)

19 Nov 2015Animal Attraction

Animal Attraction

With new thinking on four-legged executives in the workplace, could a furry friend be considered a com-pet-itive edge for your business. One of our clients organises an annual awards event, followed up by a day out for the winners.  ... (more)

10 Nov 2015Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies

It doesn’t have to be an earthquake, a revolution or a bombshell, but when it comes you better be prepared or it will knock you off your feet.  At Springfords, we have our eyes open for something that ... (more)

03 Nov 2015Next Generation Rent

Next Generation Rent

Springfords gets out the crystal ball to see who are the new home owners, and what will the landscape look like in ten years time.  Will the property ladder remain a mountain or will there be a new ... (more)

28 Oct 2015Excuses, excuses, excuses

Excuses, excuses, excuses

A bit like being late for your own funeral, getting your tax return in on time is something that’s not really negotiable.  At least, you’d think so. With only three months to go to the deadline - for tax returns we ... (more)

22 Oct 2015One door closes ...

One door closes ...

Setting up a new business can be a leap into the unknown.  Whether you’ve been thinking about jumping off, or just been pushed, maybe now’s the time to strike out on your own.  Springfords will help you get ... (more)

16 Oct 2015Great British Undiscovered Talent

Great British Undiscovered Talent

Congratulations to Nadiya Hussain, who recently discovered she’s a great baker.  She’s soon going to discover she’s plenty other things too - TV star, in-demand celebrity, probably author.  What other unbaked aptitudes might be waiting to rise from ... (more)

06 Oct 2015Tax Insurance

Tax Insurance

Belt and braces?  Only uncomfortable if you’re getting six of the best from one, and get your dinner stuck behind the other.  Springfords say better safe than sorry.  Some sorts of insurance are compulsory.  Don’t even think about stepping ... (more)

29 Sep 2015Cash back?

Cash back?

Half of all UK workers save nothing, but half the cash in the UK is stashed away.  We think that doesn’t add up. There’s about £62bn worth of bank notes issued in the UK, according to the Bank of ... (more)

24 Sep 2015Short changed on abbreviations.  Here's 1 4 U ........

Short changed on abbreviations. Here's 1 4 U ........

We saw a story recently which complained bitterly about not being able to understand abbreviations.  It was in the Daily Mail, which is often abbreviated to “rag”.  Unfortunately, the story missed the point entirely - concentrating not on ... (more)

21 Sep 2015Aye, Robot

Aye, Robot

Will your friendly Springfords advisor be terminated by an accountsandtaxbot, and your service provision taken over by a relentless, artificial intelligence.  Not anytime soon. Moores‘ Law of Artificial Intelligence is well known.  Broadly put, it states that computing power ... (more)

18 Sep 2015Like us, like you

Like us, like you

Zero to a billion in a little over a decade.  Those are the sort of numbers Springfords would like to see for you, but, on the Face of it, is your growth strategy and financial information booked up ... (more)

15 Sep 2015Train for Business

Train for Business

It’s here.  The Borders Railway has arrived.  The question is, will it be a gravy train for business? The Borders Railway has captured all the headlines of late - most of them good.  There’s been acres of coverage of ... (more)

04 Sep 2015Festival Tax

Festival Tax

Could putting a charge on the golden egg kill the Festival goose?  Is the mention of a tourist tax enough to scare away the crowds, or would it make any difference at all?  Well, it’s over for another year ... (more)

24 Aug 2015Cleared for rip-off

Cleared for rip-off

You possibly thought that VAT was the only indignity visited on airport travellers.  Springfords have been looking into the dark art of departure lounge retailing. There’s a school of thought that says an airport retailer with an ethical sales ... (more)

19 Aug 2015Are you smarter than your smartphone!

Are you smarter than your smartphone!

Only if you’re smart enough to make more of it than the occasional call to Springfords.  Repositioning your satellite dish and keeping tabs on your incidental expenses?  There’s an app for that. These days, if you don’t whip out ... (more)

17 Aug 2015What's so auto about auto enrolment?

What's so auto about auto enrolment?

Struggling with the concept of bringing your staff into the pensions fold?  If the  real meaning of ‘auto’ is all Greek to you, Springfords have some advice, and all you have to do is auto read these few ... (more)

10 Aug 2015Getting divorced from your pension

Getting divorced from your pension

Retirement means saying goodbye to all those everyday hassles, like scammers, fraudsters and, apparently, your spouse.  Just when you thought it was safe to dip a toe into the gently planned swimming pool of retirement, along comes yet another ... (more)

07 Aug 2015Share and share alike

Share and share alike

Give the odd overnight stay in your house to friends you’ve just met?  No problem with that.  Selling second hand stuff shouldn’t be taxing either, but there are limits.  When it comes to the sharing economy, the clue ... (more)

03 Aug 2015Vatican Audit

Vatican Audit

Life is a mystery. So said Madonna.  The singer.  If Madge or anyone else needs to unravel the mysteries of church finances, Springfords have chapter and verse. LIke a Prayer went the song, but whether spiritual and secular, congregations ... (more)

27 Jul 2015Accountancy is fun!

Accountancy is fun!

Well we would say that, wouldn’t we.  There’s never a dull moment as we go beyond the numbers in our offices at Springfords, but don’t just take our word for it. We read recently about a full-time former political ... (more)

07 Jul 2015Concentrate for productivity

Concentrate for productivity

British workers put in the longest hours in Europe but have among the lowest productivity rates.  We may not be concentrating on the job as much as we should.  Springfords found new eviden … Oh!  Look! A squirrel! Are ... (more)

02 Jul 2015Not in receipt of expenses

Not in receipt of expenses

Reminding you that you need to claim business expenses is never likely to be at the top of customer engagement priorities at HMRC.  We’re not at any time soon expecting the Chancellor to announce a recruitment drive for ... (more)

25 Jun 2015Tartan taxes - nothing new

Tartan taxes - nothing new

In Westminster, and Holyrood too, there’s debate about the future tax structure in Scotland and the differences which will arise between us and the rest of the UK.  However, you may be interested to know that this is ... (more)

12 Jun 2015Norman Non Doms

Norman Non Doms

Coming to Britain to avoid tax is in the news every day, but it’s nothing new, and in days gone by it has even been encouraged by the government. Tax is all about raising revenue for public works, and ... (more)

02 Jun 2015Halt.  Who goes there?

Halt. Who goes there?

You get an email from HMRC asking for your personal banking details.  It isn’t from them.  Welcome to the unwelcome world of phishing and identity theft. It’s hard to visualise what it’s all about if identity theft has never ... (more)

27 May 2015In with the In Crowd

In with the In Crowd

Funding the dream isn’t all about finding banking based backers anymore. It’s about finding the crowd who share the dream too. From post-it notes to flat pack furniture. We’d all have readily accounted for a spot of venture capital ... (more)

08 May 2015You've got even more mail

You've got even more mail

As the communication blizzard grows ever thicker, a leading academic says it’s time to bring email to account for lost productivity. Here at Springfords, we talk to each other, we phone clients to answer their accounting matters, and we ... (more)

08 May 2015The secret life of the business trip

The secret life of the business trip

The age of video conferencing and remote working may have already arrived, but for all the savings in costs and travel time, that hasn’t stopped many of us finding reasons to pack our overnight bags for the traditional ... (more)

04 May 2015Employee incentives

Employee incentives

The economy is on the up. It must be true.  All the politicians are saying so.  Just turn to the situations vacant column, and take your pick.  Go along to the job interview and the prospective employers will ... (more)

22 Apr 2015Rural Broadband plays second fiddle no longer

Rural Broadband plays second fiddle no longer

It’s an often repeated plaintiff, but will the places that need better digital infrastructure always be the places that lag behind.  Not if some innovations take hold they won’t. There are plenty of reasons to live in the country.  ... (more)

09 Apr 2015Remote working makes for happy workers

Remote working makes for happy workers

Not going out could be the answer to Britain's falling productivity, or is it that office culture just isn’t the best way to get the best from the country’s workforce. Since the majority of us used to do it, ... (more)

07 Apr 2015Millionaire Pensions taxed more heavily

Millionaire Pensions taxed more heavily

What you putteth away for later, the chancellor taketh back sooner.  After the last Budget, that’s the scenario facing diligent pensioners who’ve saved hard for their retirement. If LTA sounds to you like the name of a corporation bus ... (more)

26 Mar 2015Smart Phone Holidays

Smart Phone Holidays

FOMO has reached new levels. Fear of Missing Out means that even on holiday our best friend has become our smart phone, even if we’re on holiday with our best friends.  We already know that at least some of ... (more)

19 Mar 2015Apprenticeship, university degree or both?

Apprenticeship, university degree or both?

Is it better to spend three or four years in further education, or is the best preparation for the world of work a spell in the school of hard knocks.  Today, the decision is not quite as clear ... (more)

12 Mar 2015The best value cities to live?

The best value cities to live?

There’s nothing more emotionally charged than the concept of home.  With everyone expressing an opinion about their ideal spot on Earth, any survey into the best of the best is likely to be a seven-billion way tie for ... (more)

27 Feb 2015Business Videos On Demand

Business Videos On Demand

Social media channels for business, an excellent way to get help instantly from leaders in the field, or just another gateway to eternal unproductive damnation? After a soft launch at the end of last year, there was a splash ... (more)

18 Feb 2015A Vexation On Taxation

A Vexation On Taxation

Taxation is great value for money.  So says anyone looking for an argument.  The percentage of tax take versus services provided is probably not the way to start a convivial conversation.   None of us would argue with less taxation, ... (more)

13 Feb 2015Love is in the news for Valentine's Day

Love is in the news for Valentine's Day

We wondered where all those February 14 newspaper stories come from, so we delved into the editor’s post bag to find out who’s been sending sweet nothings to the front page. In recent years, the occasion-themed press release has ... (more)

11 Feb 2015Thanks a Five Billion

Thanks a Five Billion

While there’s nothing like an unexpected bill to upset your equilibrium; this man from a village near Derby was instantly transported to a far-future annual earnings bracket of about £12bn.  Did the authorities believe this 78-year-old is more ... (more)

02 Feb 2015Money doesn't grow on apple trees

Money doesn't grow on apple trees

Unless you are a certain Californian computing conglomerate, in which case money has the fecundity of an orchard on steroids. Satirists and statisticians alike have been having a romp through the profit and loss account, as uber-brand Apple posted ... (more)

26 Jan 2015CCTV: Big Brother isn't watching you

CCTV: Big Brother isn't watching you

Britain, the most surveyed country in the world, is increasingly turning a blind eye to the business of visual security. Thinking of turning off the cameras, and putting someone back on the security desk?  Renovating the watch house on ... (more)

21 Jan 2015Minimum Wages: For a Fair Day's Pay?

Minimum Wages: For a Fair Day's Pay?

Despite what some unscrupulous employers may seem to think, the minimum wage is not a recommendation, it’s a law. With a cover price of £2.50 it would take a minimum wage worker just over 23 minutes to earn enough ... (more)

05 Jan 2015January Comes First

January Comes First

Why do we make such a fuss about our chosen New Year? After all, it’s just a civic convenience that signifies very little in the natural order of the year. It’s not the winter solstice - the shortest ... (more)

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