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The Springfords blog - 2016

20 Dec 2016Megastars Megapay Morality

Megastars Megapay Morality

Nowhere outside the unreal world of modern club football does the question of stratospheric salary raise its well-remunerated head. Just how long does it take the average footballer to earn the average wage? You may well guess, but ... (more)

08 Dec 2016Beauty and the Tax Return

Beauty and the Tax Return

Wholly and exclusively for the purposes of carrying out your trade. It might be a good rule of thumb when it comes to what’s allowable and what’s not for tax purposes, but claiming for your face? It seems ... (more)

06 Dec 2016Making Tax Difficult

Making Tax Difficult

Sweeping changes are coming to the way tax is reported and collected. The burden is going to fall most heavily on those least-best equipped to cope with the upheaval. Individuals, sole-traders, and small businesses take note. Bigger enterprises, ... (more)

23 Nov 2016Value of everything, price of nothing

Value of everything, price of nothing

If ever there was a beyond the numbers subject, it’s the subject of value for money. At Springfords, we’ve long been associated with giving the best value service to our clients. Whether we do it fast, or whether ... (more)

21 Nov 2016Lifetime ISA

Lifetime ISA

LISA could be a bit of a gold digger. Have a good time now, but she could leave you counting the costs in later years. There’s a magic wand being waved around by the savings fairy right now, although ... (more)

08 Nov 2016To love, honour, and claim the right allowance

To love, honour, and claim the right allowance

Marriage allowance. Working out the seating plan for the annual get together with the in-laws is complicated but there’s also the annual question of taxation to put a strain on wedded bliss. Let Springfords be your guidance counsellor. There’s ... (more)

27 Oct 2016The Age of the Aged

The Age of the Aged

If the demographic of the nation is getting older, it may also be getting wiser. Do you, your business or your clients value the experience of senior staff? Nowhere is the cult of youth more apparent than in the ... (more)

16 Oct 2016Ground control to Major Tim

Ground control to Major Tim

Astronaut Tim Peake went to incredible lengths to achieve his goal. What would it take for you to set out for infinity and beyond and launch your own business? You may have recently been among the audience at Edinburgh’s ... (more)

12 Oct 2016Saving to buy not old age

Saving to buy not old age

Putting something away for a rainy day is falling out of fashion. Priorities have changed, the trend these days is to be saving for something much more substantial. Metaphors aside, there’s one thing that still rings true when it ... (more)

04 Oct 2016Make do and svend

Make do and svend

Use once and throw away is not the most sustainable model for a consumer society, and we’re doing it more and more. From coffee cups that aren’t biodegradable, to printers that are cheaper to replace than to fix. ... (more)

22 Sep 2016Bonus - how big is yours?

Bonus - how big is yours?

Once the preserve of City gents and Wall Street sharks, the culture of the bonus has spread so far into the economy that for many people it’s become part of their expectation. So when it comes to talking ... (more)

19 Sep 2016Cybercrime Is On The Up

Cybercrime Is On The Up

As a growing industry, tricking people out of their rightful wealth is probably Britain’s fastest rising sector, increasing at an industrial rate. If you think it couldn’t happen to you, you really need to let us have a ... (more)

12 Sep 2016When Costs Go XXL

When Costs Go XXL

Waistlines. Wardrobes. Waiting times. Most things just get a little bigger all the time and you hardly notice until it gets to the point where that last button won’t close; there aren’t any hangers left; and the deli ... (more)

05 Sep 2016Pensions Tax Trap

Pensions Tax Trap

Far from being a freeway to an early retirement, the legislation allowing early drawdown of personal pensions is proving a bumpy ride for baby boomers hoping to make tracks on their new lease of work-free life. The media has ... (more)

05 Sep 2016Should've Checked The Trademark

Should've Checked The Trademark

A possibly myopic ruling by a government department has given a nationwide opticians a thumbs up over their plan to trademark the use of a common verb contraction. Shouldn’t be allowed, should it? We all know the company that ... (more)

01 Sep 2016Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

If the modern alternative to smoking is supposedly healthier, why is vaping still vexating when it comes to vat on vapes? For some it may be an anathema. For others it’s a critical step away from the long-acknowledged health ... (more)

25 Aug 2016Gold Nose Day

Gold Nose Day

A chartered jumbo jet with a specially painted nose. Our Olympic heroes returned in some style to the UK, and with some excess baggage to declare in the shape of 67 medals made of precious metals. So will ... (more)

23 Aug 2016Medal Winning Marketing

Medal Winning Marketing

It takes sacrifice to be a winner in the sporting arena, but is your marketing going for gold, too? Springfords accountants says it’s time to come under starters orders if you want to reap the rewards after the ... (more)

04 Aug 2016Sporting Change

Sporting Change

You’ll pay a lot to watch football in the English Premiership says a new survey. Well, knock us down with a corner flag, we’d never have guessed, and as for the cost of sponsorship and corporate entertaining at ... (more)

01 Aug 2016Spanish Fly-by

Spanish Fly-by

Drones, drones, drones. Recreational ones. Fighting ones. Delivery ones. Now tax ones as well. If your home extension is sunny side up in Spain, but not declared to the Tax Manuel, you could be saying hola to a ... (more)

22 Jul 2016Remain ,.,,,,, with your company

Remain ,.,,,,, with your company

There’s a bit of a problem at Whitehall. The mandarins are just a little bit short. Not short of your cash - just this once. Whitehall doesn’t want any more of your taxes - just yet. This time, ... (more)

22 Jul 2016 Pokémon Go for Springfords Accountants

Pokémon Go for Springfords Accountants

Have you studiously avoided Pokémon Go? Do you have a life, or just a healthy regard for watching where you’re going? You’re immune. Possibly. Do you have that feeling that your partner has someone else in their life? Have ... (more)

29 Jun 2016Midlife Internship Not A Crisis

Midlife Internship Not A Crisis

We’re not ageist at Springfords. It’s not funny, it’s not legal, and it doesn’t make good business sense either. We value talent, whether it’s freshly wrapped or wrapped in wrinkles. When it comes to your accounting affairs, fresh ... (more)

29 Jun 2016Integrated Operations

Integrated Operations

Vertically, horizontally or collaboratively.  If there’s one watch word for twenty-first century business that fits all those prefixes, it’s integrated.  Are you doing all you can to make your business the indispensable piece of the jigsaw.  Springfords get ... (more)

24 Jun 2016Do Different To Get Different Results

Do Different To Get Different Results

Marketing your business for free. It’s not too good to be true. There are plenty of opportunities to reach out without shelling out. Springfords say take a fresh look at your every day routine, and put your business ... (more)

22 Jun 2016Corporate Jargon Bust Up

Corporate Jargon Bust Up

Do you need to spend less time hypertasking and prethink outside the box on peeling the strategic onion? At Springfords we rather pride ourselves on plain speaking. We try to stay away from this sort of gobbledygook. We succeed. ... (more)

14 Jun 2016Last Minute Rush

Last Minute Rush

It’s that time of year when the sun is out and the holidays are upon us, and some of us really wish we’d started getting in shape a whole lot sooner. Too late and too little time. There is ... (more)

27 May 2016Heel of a way to do business

Heel of a way to do business

The internet has recently been awash with men stumbling about in not so manly fashion in fashionable Manolo Blahniks.  Springfords resists the obvious opportunity to call this post sexism in the city.  We certainly wouldn’t exploit the wrong-footed ... (more)

24 May 2016Alternative Lending Alternative Debt

Alternative Lending Alternative Debt

With bank lending and mortgage funding having become notoriously difficult to secure, young people are finding other ways to fund business ambitions and personal dreams.  Those of us with teeth long enough remember when that first step on the ... (more)

20 May 2016When Names Attack

When Names Attack

Is it TTFN for RBS as the bank contemplates a marketing move to reposition itself on the high street and drop their modern abbreviated moniker?  The Royal Bank of Scotland may have very valid reasons for doing so.  The ... (more)

17 May 2016Lots of Eggs, Lots of Baskets

Lots of Eggs, Lots of Baskets

Reliance on a single contract for the bulk of your work can be a big problem if something goes wrong. Printer Polestar Permanently Poleaxed ran the headlines.  Well, The Times was a little more stern in its reporting, but ... (more)

12 May 2016Inheritance Song and Dance

Inheritance Song and Dance

There may be a hundred years worth of recordings in his vault, but when it came to writing a last will and testament, Prince never got closer than Money Don’t Matter 2 Night.  In a story that’s more Financial ... (more)

09 May 2016Finding Your Niche

Finding Your Niche

If two sisters can successfully run a business solely devoted to romance novels, then there’s a future for your niche marketing idea too. Differentiation is what all the business gurus call it.  Finding yourself is how the rest of ... (more)

05 May 2016Intoxicated by Success

Intoxicated by Success

It’s not all coffee houses.  Traditional pubs may be closing, but the rise and rise of craft brewing and distilling is coming up like the yeast on an open vat of unpasteurised real ale.  Tastes are changing.  Is ... (more)

02 May 2016Buying Business by the Pound

Buying Business by the Pound

Sealing the deal is always a great feeling, but what to do, when a buyer comes knocking at your door and says “Nice place you have here.  I’ll take it.  The business, I mean.” Liberace. Even thirty years on, ... (more)

29 Apr 2016You can't park that here

You can't park that here

You can’t claim that parking penalty charge either, as a well-known courier company has just found out to their cost. Every prisoner-in-transit’s favourite integrated security conglomerate, G4S, broke the internet recently with their query to HMRC, which might be ... (more)

22 Apr 2016Super Rich Selfies

Super Rich Selfies

It’s hardly a new phenomenon, but the Daily Telegraph recently picked up on how the next generation of privileged offspring are witlessly putting their families at risk with social media posts that leave heads of private security collectively ... (more)

19 Apr 2016Business Travel Costs

Business Travel Costs

What’s the real deal when it comes to getting around to get the deal done?  Springfords can make sure your business travel is properly accounted for, but are you cleared for spending before you’re cleared for take off.  The ... (more)

31 Mar 2016Forty Winks to Prosperity

Forty Winks to Prosperity

Sleeping on the job is the new presenteeism.  Take a snooze to recharge the batteries for the rest of the day.  So if you want to get ahead, get your head down.  No, we didn’t believe that either. Bless ... (more)

28 Mar 2016Business is a Family Affair

Business is a Family Affair

The last time Springfords blog took a look at keeping business in the family, we found it to be getting along pretty well, thank you.  Since then things have largely gone well around the house for family business. Step ... (more)

21 Mar 2016The Monster of R&D Tax Relief

The Monster of R&D Tax Relief

If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone.  If you think you should have heard of it, you’re not alone either.  Free money for free thinking, or an initiative that leaves billions unclaimed in government coffers.  That’s ... (more)

16 Mar 2016In, Out, Schengen It All About

In, Out, Schengen It All About

If the so-called debate on the forthcoming EU referendum has drained your will to live, Springfords has the tonic.  Whether you’re for Brussels or Brexit, we’ll not make a Eurovision song and dance about getting on with business ... (more)

11 Mar 2016Battling For A Fair Deal

Battling For A Fair Deal

Ever feel as though you’re up against an army when it comes to battling for a fair deal in your tax affairs?  Well, officially now you are with the latest top appointment at HMRC.  The Westminster government has appointed ... (more)

07 Mar 2016Don't Hide from Backing Up

Don't Hide from Backing Up

Up in the cloud is the fashionable way to ensure all your business critical data survives everything, up to and including zombie apocalypse, biblical flood and catastrophic asteroid strike.  It’s also a good way to overcome more plausible ... (more)

26 Feb 2016Sharing:  It's Taxing

Sharing: It's Taxing

Letting out your spare room?  Guess who’s sleeping in your bed.  Yes, the man from the tax office, taking his half a dollar. Back in August, stories started circulating that tax authorities were considering a major crackdown on things ... (more)

19 Feb 2016Fraud:  The Truth Is Out There

Fraud: The Truth Is Out There

So are the lies.  With fraudulent activity at an all time high, you need to be on your guard 24/7.  So if we can start by just taking a few details of your account… Few things in life are ... (more)

12 Feb 2016Finance vs Romance

Finance vs Romance

When Valentines’ Day comes around, will you bowl over your beau with an extravagant gesture, or win their heart with a wily way around the romance of finance. Nothing says “I love you” more than a going all out ... (more)

01 Feb 2016Tax over payment

Tax over payment

How much have you overpaid your self assessment tax obligations?  Not at all if you’re a client with Springfords of course, but just who is donating an extra £4.6bn to the Treasury every year?  It could be you. On ... (more)

18 Jan 2016The Home Commute

The Home Commute

Moving houses.  Your home could be making commuting worthwhile. Springfords have some good news for those of us that brave the daily commute in order to enjoy the suburban lifestyle: it might just be paying us to do so.  A ... (more)

18 Jan 2016Resignations: don't lose the head

Resignations: don't lose the head

What do you do when the top of the organisation leaves unexpectedly, or you get hit by a perfect storm of business calamities?  Boardroom bust ups.  Market crashes.  Building falls down. None sound very good for business.  Decapitation at ... (more)

14 Jan 2016Wrong kind of delay leaves you on the line

Wrong kind of delay leaves you on the line

Public transport has its benefits, and also its drawbacks.  Tax Returns not Day Returns are what we do best at Springfords, but whether it’s Finsbury Park or the local Park and Ride, making plans in advance can make ... (more)

05 Jan 2016New Year New You New Resolutions

New Year New You New Resolutions

At Springfords we believe in taking a lesson or two from life.  So what lessons have we all learned this year that we can resolve to take into 2016.  Disruption, disruption, disruption.  Especially if your public transport journey would ... (more)

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