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The Springfords blog - 2017

04 Dec 2017OMG GDPR


Armageddon or Ambrosia? General Data Protection Regulation could be the four letters to strike fear into the heart of anyone who has ever written down a number on the back of their hand, or a framework for all ... (more)

04 Dec 2017More Flexible Hours Than Sheena Easton

More Flexible Hours Than Sheena Easton

Whether you’re a lark or an owl, or whether your baby takes the morning train, chances are you’d rather still be bashing out zeds on the cotton typewriter, than heading into work. Not so, says a new report. Say ... (more)

17 Nov 2017Start Up Millennials and Judas Priest Reborn

Start Up Millennials and Judas Priest Reborn

Steady job, steady income? For the cohorts of new entrants into the workplace market, there’s a popular belief that the last thing they want is a nine to five with a nice pension plan. Well, let’s step back from ... (more)

06 Nov 2017How To Get Unlimited Leave

How To Get Unlimited Leave

Let’s perk up your workplace with a modern approach to fringe benefits, recognition and reward. Model employees take note, it’s time to make your manager Boss of the Month. Would you relocate to rural Lincolnshire, to work in a ... (more)

06 Oct 2017Work Space, Coffee space, Your Own Space?

Work Space, Coffee space, Your Own Space?

Views, space and social interaction. Three things that make the open plan office a potential closed shop for productivity. With Britain habitually cited as the lazy bones of the world, has the backlash started? Is the answer to ... (more)

06 Oct 2017Take Me to the Clouds Above

Take Me to the Clouds Above

Cloud computing may not be in the sky nor is it a cloud, but commentators say the industry will be worth £300bn by 2019. There’s nothing fluffy about the revolution in using on line accounting software. We dream to ... (more)

04 Oct 2017Trump Your Vote

Trump Your Vote

You don’t need to be Alice Cooper to get elected. You don’t even need to run for office to talk to the corridors of power. It might just be worthwhile exercising your right to representation. Business people who get ... (more)

27 Sep 2017Steve Jobs for the Boys Toys

Steve Jobs for the Boys Toys

Hi-tech means high-price. The founder may have passed away, but with a four-figure price tag on the latest iPhones now a reality, is smart still so clever when it comes to business technology? It can only be a matter ... (more)

01 Sep 2017Queenferry Crossing Your Palm With Silver

Queenferry Crossing Your Palm With Silver

Bridging the gap between capacity and congestion, the world beating new Queensferry Crossing offers more than a rapid route between the Capital of Scotland and the Kingdom of Fife. Projects like this can provide your business with a ... (more)

01 Sep 2017I'd Like to Fraud your Network......

I'd Like to Fraud your Network......

Is nowhere safe from the online trolls, seeking to shmooze their way into your life and business? The short answer is no, which is the short answer you should give to those spurious invitations to connect. A curiously attractive ... (more)

30 Aug 2017Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money

Living in an age of instant consumerism and instant gratification, when all you want is on the display of a mobile phone, is there a danger in having all your worldly wealth just as easily available. The answer ... (more)

25 Aug 2017Who's Your Clooney of the Coffee Machine?

Who's Your Clooney of the Coffee Machine?

It’s great to have that super helpful person around the office. Someone who’s only too willing to help out the team, no matter what the problem might be. At least that’s what we all think. Call them whatever you ... (more)

17 Aug 2017Casual Workwear:  Dress it like Willis

Casual Workwear: Dress it like Willis

Around the office, does your inner Llewelyn-Bowen long to be more John McClane, or are you more tie-dyed than Die Hard? Whatever your preferred state of office elegance, it’s time to take a new look at what to ... (more)

04 Aug 2017Petrol and Diesel:  You're History

Petrol and Diesel: You're History

Mel Gibson and Jason Statham will not approve, but whether you’re Mad Max, or really just a fast and furious Transporter, the demise of the internal combustion engine has been signalled by the UK Government. You may not ... (more)

02 Aug 2017Pay Your Cards Right

Pay Your Cards Right

Credit card charges are guaranteed to get commentators in a lather and consumers blowing a fuse at the indignity of paying for the privilege of paying. So standby for the biggest change in charging since the plastic revolution ... (more)

31 Jul 2017A Chris Evans On Your Payroll

A Chris Evans On Your Payroll

Whether you’re paying a king’s ransom to a famous ageing DJ, or you are more realistic about how you remunerate your team, it’s never a bad time to take stock of staff costs. Who Do You Think You Are ... (more)

21 Jul 2017Cash Gives Way To Cards

Cash Gives Way To Cards

With more than seventy billion pounds worth of bank notes in circulation in the UK, it’s hard to believe that the age of cash is on the wane. Yet that staggering pile of readies accounts for less and ... (more)

19 Jul 2017Gig Economy Song and Dance

Gig Economy Song and Dance

Times They Are a Changin’ may no longer be in the charts, but the times really are changing for the way people work, rest and play. It’s time to start singing from the new employment song sheet especially ... (more)

10 Jul 2017New Office Old Office

New Office Old Office

Choose your location wisely. With city centre office rents on an ever upward trajectory, and some urban locations suffering a siege of unavailability and inaccessibility, it’s time to think again about the best route to your business roots. From ... (more)

06 Jul 2017Careless Inheritance Leaves Exit Wounds

Careless Inheritance Leaves Exit Wounds

The morbid tax regime that leaves would-be benefactors out-guessing their own demise by at least seven years leaves more than a few caught out by a premature reaping. Grim is the only word for it. If you’re more than ... (more)

15 Jun 2017Budgets:  don't cut your attention

Budgets: don't cut your attention

Do you get illiterate when asked to be numerate? If you’re a bit cash-handed about handling cash, and the thought of balancing the books leaves you spreadsheeting yourself, it’s definitely time to count the cost of accounting for ... (more)

08 Jun 2017Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits

What’s on offer to make work worthwhile? Fringe benefits aren’t necessarily about the delights of the Edinburgh Festival, but if you have some ideas about rewarding your hard working team, you’re already reading the right script for staging ... (more)

24 May 2017Events for Business

Events for Business

It’s easy to do a great event that shines a light on your business. It’s even easier to do one that leaves you in the shade, feeling disappointed. Here’s our take on getting a round of applause instead ... (more)

24 May 2017Health Hammered by Sneaky Snacking

Health Hammered by Sneaky Snacking

As if sitting at a desk all day wasn’t bad enough, it’s what we’re doing at those desks that’s really doing for us. Hitting the snacks is creating a sugar-coated iceberg of health challenges. Your bottom is about ... (more)

17 May 2017Greek Style Tax Inspecting

Greek Style Tax Inspecting

Sun, sand, and suspicious … tourists. If a spot of sleuthing is all that’s missing from your all-inclusive holiday package, the Greek tax authorities are about to go all George Smiley on you. They’re out to clamp down ... (more)

12 May 2017Charity Gives Back Too

Charity Gives Back Too

Give a little bit, get a whole lot back. There’s more than good karma in a generous nature. In business and in life, no matter how formal or spontaneous, you always get something out of what you give, ... (more)

10 May 2017Roots for Success

Roots for Success

The Dreaming Spires and the Capital of the Highlands. More in contrast than in common you may think, but there’s at least one thing binding together the university city and the bonnie burgh on the eastern end of ... (more)

04 May 2017Making Tax Delayed

Making Tax Delayed

There can be few who were upset at the recent announcement from the UK Government. No, not that UK General Election thing. The announcement that MTD (the Making Tax Digital initiative) had been postponed. Legislative changes are disruptive, ... (more)

27 Apr 2017Fayre Traffic Control

Fayre Traffic Control

It’s the most important document in your airline seat pocket. That safety card is vital, but if you’re an operator it’s the in-flight price list that gets more important every day. As margins get tighter, airlines prepare for ... (more)

21 Apr 2017Can pay? We'll make you wait anyway!

Can pay? We'll make you wait anyway!

Late payment remains the new British disease, and the bigger they are, the later they pay. Large corporations using the unofficial bank of small business just makes unethical sense and a marginal profit for one side of the ... (more)

10 Apr 2017Death In Service, Taxed Afterwards

Death In Service, Taxed Afterwards

Making work your entire life is not necessarily how Springfords recommend you spend all your days, but if an unfortunate accident at work cuts short your mortal coil , a few precautions could mean your loved ones don’t ... (more)

31 Mar 2017Fitness and Finance

Fitness and Finance

You don’t have to be a gym bunny to be a business body builder, but it helps to be financially fit. At Springfords we’ve been pulling our weight, and we think working on your bottom line includes working ... (more)

29 Mar 2017Inheritance Tax and the Breakfast DJ

Inheritance Tax and the Breakfast DJ

Terry Wogan, who died last year, had more than a witty turn of phrase behind the microphone in his war chest of talents. Planning ahead made his radio show a seamless joy for millions, and planning ahead for ... (more)

27 Mar 2017Are Cars Electric

Are Cars Electric

Springfords have plugged in to the electric revolution. Our Eskbank HQ has powered up with a dedicated charging point for hybrids and full-electric vehicles. Next time you call in to get a watts watt on your accounting and ... (more)

20 Mar 2017Bankrupt of Mum and Dad

Bankrupt of Mum and Dad

A man gets held up and the robber demands all his money. “I have two children, I have no money,” he says with his hands up. The robber turns dejectedly away. It’s a popular internet meme, but we ... (more)

08 Mar 2017Sickness Benefit

Sickness Benefit

Sickness, seasonal sales, staff holidays, public holidays, and let’s not forget accounting and tax deadlines. If you’ve been caught out by the perfectly predicable pantheon of events occurring and recurring, then maybe your planning is lacking in an ... (more)

02 Mar 2017Old heads and new starts

Old heads and new starts

It’s never too late to make a fresh start. Far from bowing out gracefully, the nearly-retired generation is blossoming like never before. The over-fifties are turning into a whole platoon of self-starters. Old upstarts are the new start ... (more)

21 Feb 2017Allowable expenses that just aren't

Allowable expenses that just aren't

When is a guard dog not a guard dog? When it’s about six inches long and lives in your handbag - that’s when. So, if you really feel the necessity to claim your Hermes clutch as a business ... (more)

16 Feb 2017Sorry - say it with meaning, not flowers

Sorry - say it with meaning, not flowers

HMRC has been trying to make amends for any inconvenience caused, by sending a bunch of flowers. However, the eight and a half grand bill has left taxpayers blooming mad. Depending on which newspaper you read, the tax authorities ... (more)

15 Feb 2017Paying pennies for tax bills

Paying pennies for tax bills

Have you ever felt hard done by, when your bus fare demands the correct change, and you’ve only a fiver in your pocket? Have you ever had the mischievous thought of paying in pennies, just to get even ... (more)

14 Feb 2017Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Valentines Day, with or without the grammatically correct apostrophe, is all about finding the one that’s right for you. So, before you set off in search of the usual suspects, you may be surprised to find out just ... (more)

30 Jan 2017Hack Attach Imminent

Hack Attach Imminent

We’re not listening, or the criminals are getting sneakier. Either way, cybercrime is getting worse and we all need to take better precautions. The threat of cybercrime will come as no surprise to any of us. We read stories ... (more)

25 Jan 2017Are Tax Returns Your Favourite Waste of Time

Are Tax Returns Your Favourite Waste of Time

With all due respect to the vast industry that it supports, doing it yourself always leaves you with that nagging doubt that a professional would have done this better all along. You could have spent your time more ... (more)

19 Jan 2017Food for thought

Food for thought

Restauranteurs know it. Grocers know it. Farmers know it. If you don’t get your stock moved on - it goes off. That’s a fact of life. There’s also something else that goes off in business if not managed ... (more)

16 Jan 2017A Wasp Ate My Tax Return

A Wasp Ate My Tax Return

It’s that time of the year. It’s always that time of year. Time to get your self assessment tax returns completed and, even more importantly, get your tax bill paid. If you miss the deadline, there are no ... (more)

12 Jan 2017IHT : The Final Curtain

IHT : The Final Curtain

With 2016 providing a conveyor belt of celebrities performing their last act, we thought that 2017 should start with an encore for which we all should be planning. January may be the time for sales and impulse buying, ... (more)

09 Jan 2017It's none of your business, rates

It's none of your business, rates

With a revaluation due in 2017, commercial property business rates need to be on your agenda. We love shopping on the high street. Springfords are good to go when it comes to supporting local businesses, and according to a ... (more)

04 Jan 2017New Year New You?

New Year New You?

Time for a resolution revolution? Now that the New Year is here, does that mean a new you? Do you have to change everything to actually make a change? Here at Springfords we think you’ll be surprised by ... (more)

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