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The Springfords blog - 2018

16 Mar 2018KickStart your R&D Tax Relief Claim

KickStart your R&D Tax Relief Claim

Wokingham is twice as innovative as Edinburgh, and a lot more start-up-and-go than Stirling or Wrexham. You however don’t have to live in any of those places to get R&D help from HMRC, and a cash prize for ... (more)

05 Mar 2018Taylor Swift idea all sewn up

Taylor Swift idea all sewn up

How small does an idea have to be, before it becomes big enough to belong to someone outright. More than three words between two plaintiffs, according to one judge. Where Ms Swift was expected to sign a cheque, ... (more)

21 Feb 2018Get Bits or die Tryin'

Get Bits or die Tryin'

50 Cent or 50 Bit; the notoriously absent-minded rapper, who forgot about his earnings from a chart topping album. He’d accepted payment in bitcoin, as opposed to actual coin. Forgetting about your taxable earnings is virtually no excuse. Baffled ... (more)

02 Feb 2018There's no holiday from budget planning

There's no holiday from budget planning

The deep, dark days of February make us all think of warmer times, and warmer climes. So if you’re thinking about getting away from it all, don’t forget to make a few fiscal preparations, least your pleasure beach ... (more)

26 Jan 2018Data:  Connected or Confidential

Data: Connected or Confidential

It might be a great idea to keep connected to the internet so you can keep an eye on your assets - even the human ones - but constant connectivity may open you and your business up to ... (more)

24 Jan 2018Don't Look Forward in Anguish

Don't Look Forward in Anguish

If you’ve not yet got a handle on this new-born year, it’s time to listen to our panel for some helpful advice. It might be a boy, a girl, or twin, but you’ll be crying like a new born ... (more)

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