You may be contemplating buying or selling a business. You may want to review the ownership structure of your
business, maybe to reduce the tax bills but also to provide management incentives. You may want to tackle the
vexed issue of succession in the family business.
At those critical stages in the life of the business, the advice must be practical and commercial. We have the
technical expertise and the transaction experience that will tick those boxes.
But, importantly, it’s not just about experience of similar transactions. It’s also about experience of dealing with the
situation in which you find yourself. Invariably the critical stages impact on people - owners, shareholders,
employees, directors, family members - and so, as well as being practical and commercial, the advice has to be
appropriate. It’s seeing the bigger picture that sets some advisers apart.
We can offer the advice to help you assess the right solution for you and then provide the support to co-ordinate
the plans and actions to make it happen. Along the way, we can do any financial modelling that is required, provide
business valuations, undertake financial diligence and let you know about the tax angles.
John Hume will be very pleased to discuss how we can help you get to where you want to be.
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