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Wealth Management
Wealth Management: a convenient term to cover the wide range of expertise we can bring to the party, to help limit
your own and your family’s tax burden. Not easy to summarise on one page. But we’ll try.
So what’s it all about? There’s no simple recipe - different people need different kinds of advice at different times. You
may be starting up in business, or expanding your business, in the UK or abroad. Further down the line, perhaps
you’re looking forward to retiring, handing the reins to the next generation, or selling up and moving to sunnier climes.
You may be getting married (or divorced), or panicking over school and university fees. Perhaps all that is behind you,
and you’re thinking about trusts for grandchildren, planning for your retirement, or minimising inheritance tax.
Wherever you are, we can help plan the way forward.
That’s the what. And the when? Our job doesn’t end when we’ve given you the advice you need right now. We keep
talking to you, keep up to date with what’s going on, so we can keep your planning current and relevant.
We’ve put together a team experienced in all aspects of wealth management (that’s the who). Between us, we can
cover all the angles: inheritance tax, capital gains tax, trusts, pensions, offshore planning (and the rest).
And finally the how. You may be thinking that you’ve heard all this before. Perhaps you have. So what sets our Wealth
Management approach apart? As usual, it’s how we deliver. No incomprehensible reports, section numbers or jargon.
When it’s your family’s wealth at stake, we know you need to understand what we’re talking about. So contact
Fiona Donaldson
– she’ll give it to you straight.