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Do you ever feel that your business is “drowning” in paperwork? Sometimes, something has to give, but one thing you
can’t afford to neglect is your staff payroll (no staff, no business!).
If your payroll is getting a bit too much, we can help. The level of help is up to you. If all you need is assistance in
running your weekly or monthly payroll, no problem. Our payroll team will deal with everything for you, ensuring that
your staff (and the Inland Revenue!) are paid the right amounts at the right time, leaving you to focus on running your
business. And we can arrange electronic payments by BACS. But that’s not the end of it. We know that things don’t
always go according to plan, so you’ll have a dedicated payroll specialist to contact whenever you need help, whether
by telephone, fax or e-mail.
And the paperwork? We’ll produce everything you need, in the format you want. We’ll analyse your payroll costs
however you require. We can supply departmental reports and salary forecasts. We‘ll provide the accounting journals
you need to record your payroll. And we provide full supporting hard copy print outs, including a variety of reports and
plain copy payslips.
If you need a bit more support, we can offer a full employment management service. As well as payroll assistance, we
can maintain your staff holiday and sickness records, monitor National Minimum Wage issues, record employee benefits
and expenses, and anything else that might be necessary to keep the wheels running smoothly. Whatever you need, we
can tailor-make a service to suit.
How much does it all cost? Not as much as you might think. We offer fixed pricing and a service level guarantee. No
nasty surprises or extra charges for every minor change.
So, if you need H.E.L.P. with P.A.Y.E, send out an S.O.S to
Linda Johnstone