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Professional Partnerships
We deal with a lot of professional partnerships. We like to think that we do it rather well. Like you, we’re professionals,
so we know what’s important to you.
We know that you need accurate, timely and useful business information. You need to comply, not only with the tax
authorities, but with various professional bodies. You have to be able to budget ahead for your tax liabilities, just like
any other business expense. As an employer, you have obligations to meet, and you want to reward your employees
tax-efficiently. Above all, you have a business to run, and you want to do so with minimum hassle.
We can deliver on all these fronts. But we know that you need more than assurance. You want sensible advice on how
to run your business smoothly, profitably and tax-efficiently. Forward-looking, strategic advice from someone who
understands your business. This is where we can really make a difference. Accounts, business advice or tax. PAYE,
or VAT. You name it, we can help with it. (And as well as advising you, we can work with you to assist your clients).
We also recognise that a partnership is a group of individuals, and that, as individuals, you have your own personal
priorities and planning needs. As well as preparing your personal tax returns, we can give you the inside story on tax
efficient borrowings, retirement planning, wills and inheritance tax. The full picture.
Let our practice help your practice.
Patricia Reekie
John Hume
will tell you more about what we can do.