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If your one foreign transaction each year is exchanging your unused holiday currency, you won’t need international tax
advice. Otherwise,…….. read on.
If you hold any foreign investments, (securities, property, even a bank account), you’ll need to think about overseas tax
rules and UK double tax treaties. A bit of a headache. Or,…. you can ask us to sort it out for you. We’ll make sure that
you pay the correct amount of tax here and overseas.
And what about going abroad? Everyone knows that being non-UK resident or domiciled can be a big plus from a tax
point of view. It’s just as well known that the Revenue have tightened the rules on this front. But opportunities remain.
We know what they are and how to use them.
As an employer, you may be considering sending employees abroad, or bringing foreign workers into the UK. Tax,
national insurance, and pension implications all need to be considered. We can keep you right on your obligations and
advise your employees on their liabilities.
And offshore trusts? A valuable tool in the past, but their use is now severely limited. However, they still have their place.
We’re not even going to pretend that we know all about the US tax system, or the French, or the Spanish (who would
believe us if we did?) But we know the basics. And as for the detail – we know someone who can help. As part of
Praxity, we have associates across the world, on hand for advice on buying a holiday home in Spain, opening a branch
in Paris, or emigrating to New Zealand.
Investing abroad, going abroad, coming home? Some of us will go through life having had to deal with only one set of
tax rules. However, if your tax affairs cross international borders, contact
Fiona Donaldson
for help in your language.