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If you employ staff, you’ll know that the issues go way beyond running a payroll. Employee benefits, tax credits, student
loans, maternity benefits, National Minimum Wage considerations, stakeholder pensions,…. the list goes on.
We know that running a business can leave you short of time to take care of employee matters. But neglecting them
can be dangerous. PAYE inspections are a lucrative source of revenue for the Treasury, and a fact of life for employers.
If the idea sends a shiver up your spine, don’t worry. We have people who can help; before, during and after the visit.
That’s the downside. But it’s not all bad news. On the upside, there’s still a number of tax efficient ways to reward
employees. If you have valuable people, talk to us about how to offer them valuable rewards.
Some specific areas where we can help? Do you provide your employees with company cars? It may be more beneficial
to offer cash…… How generous is your staff entertaining? If too generous, your employees could find themselves with
tax bills…… Want to reward your high-flyers? The Enterprise Management Initiative is a tax-advantaged way of
awarding shares…... And, of course, a pension can be one of the most valuable employee benefits around. Talk to us
about new developments.
We can even help you cut down the paperwork. A dispensation can save time and effort in reporting non-taxable
expenses payments, while a PAYE Settlement Agreement lets you settle employees’ tax liabilities on minor benefits.
Whether you want to iron out the problems or explore the opportunities (or a bit of both), give
Fiona Donaldson
a call.