Managing the tax cost
Tax may well be the biggest outlay on your profit and loss account and has to be managed like any other cost. Jimmy Hair
and his team come across a whole raft of tax problems and offer solutions (whether simple or creative, but always
effective) to manage tax liabilities. He’ll be happy to give you some examples.
Offering pertinent business advice
You won’t succeed in business purely by having us prepare annual accounts for you. Sad but true. You need to understand
what the numbers are telling you and know what actions to take. We can sit beside you in discussions with the bank,
negotiations with suppliers and the like but only if you let us get close. Carol Wright and her team are on hand to sidle up.
Completing business transactions
The biggest ask of advisers can be when you’re at that critical stage of buying, merging, funding or selling. We can help
smooth the whole deal process, focus on getting the right terms for you and minimise your risk. And its on the result that
John Hume and his team are happy to be rewarded.
Meeting the compliance burden
Shareholders, lenders, suppliers, employees. All with an interest in your business and the accounts you produce. Not to
mention Companies House, various regulators and authorities. You may need, or be advised, to have the accounts audited.Not
just that but you should be mindful of what is disclosed in the accounts. Patricia Reekie and her team are the people for you.