Dundas House
Westfield Park
Edinburgh EH22 3FB
T: 0131 440 5000
F: 0131 440 5001
E: mail@springfords.com
W: www.springfords.com
Our People
Throughout our brochure, you’ll see pictures of people. They’re not professional models, but real live Springfords
people. You may know some of them (if so, don’t be too hard on them next time you see them!). Our people are our
best advertisement, so we thought we’d give them star billing.
The ladies above are our admin team. We couldn’t operate without them. As you can see, they’re a friendly bunch!
They’re the first people you’ll meet when you visit the office, and they’ll take care of you while you’re here (they do a
mean cup of coffee, and they know where the biscuits are hidden). They’re also likely to rattle a collecting tin as you
pass by, all for a good cause!
We have a very active charity group, raising funds for a variety of local and national charities. It’s all part of our
emphasis on people, on relationships; with each other, with suppliers, with the local community and, of course, with
our clients.
We like to think that our attitude towards people, going beyond the numbers, is one of the things that sets us apart. Of
course, the numbers are important, and we want to get them right, but we never forget that clients are people. Our
clients are important to us, and we want them to feel part of the Springfords team. That way, they will feel able to trust
us, work with us, tell us what they want (and when), what they need from us, tell us when we do something wrong
(hopefully not often) and perhaps even when we do something right (so we can keep doing it). It’s all about
relationships, and we’re good at that. Just ask any of our people.
Give us a call, drop us a line, pop in to see us. You’ll always find a welcoming face!