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In this life, only two things are certain – death and taxes. This may not be original, but it’s still true, and at Springfords
we can help you plan to avoid, or at least defer, one of those certainties. (We’re working on the other).
Tax is with us to stay. You may just want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the forms have been
completed and the dues paid. Perhaps getting your affairs sensibly in order to reduce your tax liabilities is of interest. Or
you may want to think about more complex strategies and structures (here or abroad) that won’t make tax go away
completely but will let you manage tax like any other major outlay to help preserve income, business value and wealth.
Whatever your views on the tax burden, we have a Tax Adviser who’ll be able to help you. And if we can’t do it
ourselves, we’ll know someone who can. Our contact network and international association give us access to like-
minded tax professionals in the UK and around the world.
It’s often said that it’s not what we do, but the way that we do it that sets us apart. We work with the same tax rules
and regulations as everyone else. But we like to think that we can get beyond the jargon to interpret and explain what
it means for our clients. And then we can offer clear and worthwhile advice.
Tax doesn’t have to be taxing. We couldn’t say it better ourselves. Speak to
John Hume
Fiona Donaldson
Jimmy Hair
if you’d like us to help you come to the same conclusion.