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Your business is your baby - you don’t entrust it to just anyone, and, as it grows, it will become more demanding (and
more rewarding)! Its needs will change and it will take up increasing amounts of your time. We recognise this – after
all, we also run our own business. Your baby is safe in our hands. Trust us.
As business people ourselves, we understand your business needs, and we know there’s no textbook answer. So we
offer a totally flexible range of management information and accountancy services which can be tailored to provide
what you need, when you need it - from helping you find the initial funding to get started, through preparation of
management accounts, to answering bookkeeping queries raised by your staff. And everything in between.
We know how important it is for you to get numbers you understand, to help you control and direct your business as it
grows – so we summarise your results and take time to discuss them with you. That’s where we can really add value.
Our job doesn’t end with producing the numbers - we want to help you make those numbers useful - to identify areas
for possible profit improvement, and to form the basis of business and tax planning.
To help us help you, we have, (as you might expect!) a rather different structure from conventional accountancy firms.
Rather than a rigid management line from office junior through to partner, our partners work with balanced teams of
experienced staff. You’ll have access whenever you need it to a partner personally responsible for looking after your
business – that goes without saying. But you’ll also have friendly, experienced and dedicated staff looking after you on
a day to day basis. What more could you want? (if you think of anything, just let us know).
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