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Training Up for Family Business

15 April 2011

So what exactly is a family business?  Well the definition is that at least two members of the same family, be it first, second or third generation, are actively involved. Some say the Royal family is a prime example of a family business (they are after all reputed to work for their money!) with grandmother and grandfather, son and daughter plus their respective sons/wives/children. 

Given that families find it tough sometimes to get along, can you imagine what it is like when you are an extended family but also all working in business together?? Springfords recognise that family businesses have their own unique features which can create conflict if potential problems are not identified and dealt with and we have a raft of experience resolving these types of problems as they arise.

In recognition of the increasing proportion of Springford’s client base who are family businesses, some partners and staff are about to undertake further training in the months of May and June to achieve corporate accreditation with the International Centre for Families in Business so we can further improve our service provision to our existing (and future!) family business clients.

The type of service we currently help family businesses with are:

  • Succession planning
  • Family business ownership
  • Use of trusts for family business ownership
  • Tax planning and creating efficient structures for owning family businesses
  • Remuneration planning
  • Family business governance
  • Family shareholder agreements


For more information about our family business service please contact            Carol Wright at


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