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Puffins Update

28 April 2011

Spring is in the air and the puffins of Craigleith and Fidra islands are starting to return for the breeding season, so we thought you might like an update on how things have gone since Jane Carmichael and Anne Turner from Springfords Admin Group volunteered to help with the massive task of clearing the invasive tree mallow from the puffin nesting sites.

Thanks to an amazing amount of hard work, from over 400 volunteers, the mallow has been brought sufficiently under control that since 2009, puffins and other birds have been able to nest on Craigleith and Fidra without being impeded in any way.  Work has also been undertaken on Lamb island with the permission of owner Uri Geller.

In his recent progress report Junt Hunt of the Scottish Seabird Centre stated that as "It is not yet clear how long it is going to take before the tree mallow is reduced to the extent that it only requires occasional visits to keep it at bay, we shall continue to organise regular work parties, probably starting again in early August".

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