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Client Profile - The Magnum Restaurant & Bar

21 June 2011

The Magnum Restaurant & Bar lies in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town and some would class it as being one of Edinburgh’s ‘institutions’ – a haven for all sorts of people, from city lawyers to creative types – you are guaranteed a lively conversation if you pull up a stool in the Bar. The man behind the counter who welcomes all to his establishment and I hasten to add, is himself not shy of instigating a discussion around the latest hot topic to circulate around Edinburgh’s society, is Chris Graham – an Edinburgh businessman with nearly 20 years hard earned experience under his belt and known for being a generous host with a keen passion for good food and fine wine.

In 2008 Chris took over The Magnum and has built a reputation with customers for providing good food at affordable prices with a strong focus on using quality local produce. Heading up a team of chefs and front of house staff with an equal passion for providing a quality dining experience, the success they have achieved has been supported through the strong focus Chris has given to managing the financial side of the business while ensuring he maintains the quality and value for money aspect of the Restaurant. Springfords have been instrumental in enabling Chris to keep abreast with relevant information and advice relating to the business’ financials and have provided Chris with the opportunity to re-invest back into his business each year.  Opening in 2008 during the recession and downturn in the UK market was always going to be a challenge, however Chris and his team have worked hard to ensure the success of the business and this has been reflected in its strong annual accounts and the great feedback it continues to get from customers.

The Magnum Restaurant & Bar, One Albany Street, Edinburgh EH1 3PY

Tel 0131 557 4366

For more information visit

Springfords point of view

Having first met Chris when his vision for The Magnum was merely an idea, we at Springfords can not only testify to the hard work and determination he has put into making this vision a reality, but also to the excellence of the service he continually provides.

Always the host, Chris enjoys making his way around the tables, chatting to his customers and ensuring the entire experience at The Magnum is an enjoyable one, a personal touch that makes all the difference.  

Many of Springfords staff have had the opportunity to attend functions or dine at his establishment where the quality of the food (and the service) speak for itself.  And, on reading the many positive reviews given to Chris and his team, it’s clear that we aren’t the only people who think so. 

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