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Happy Families!

22 September 2011

We are pleased to announce that, following a comprehensive training program for a number of our partners and staff, Springfords recently gained corporate accreditation with the International Centre for Families in Business.

So why have we gone through this process? 

Well, we recognise that family businesses play a vital role in the future of the Scottish economy – did you know for example that 50% of the private sector work force in Scotland are currently employed by family businesses?

Plus we are also aware that although families usually wish to keep the business in the family, only 33% make it through to the second generation and 9% to the third.

So we have made it our personal crusade to help improve these statistics by ensuring that we can provide families with the professional support they need to ensure all decisions made are good not only for the business but for all individual family members as well.  Decision making which takes both the business and personal issues into account will help ensure a more harmonious transition of the business from generation to generation and will mean that employment opportunities in family businesses will increase …. and our own client base will become stronger!.

The type of service we currently help family businesses with are:

  • Succession planning
  • Family business ownership
  • Use of trusts for family business ownership
  • Tax planning and creating efficient structures for owning family businesses
  • Remuneration planning
  • Family business governance
  • Family shareholder agreements and constitutions


For more information about our family business service please contact Carol Wright at or Patricia Reekie at

All statistics provided by the Scottish Family Business Association 

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