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17 April 2012

In the  current economic climate a business can no longer depend on “business as usual” as being good enough to get them through.  Every aspect of the operation must be reviewed, scrutinized and evaluated to ensure peak performance.  We at Springfords are always looking for ways to accomplish just that.  As we evaluate our services and methods it is with you, our valued clients, in mind. 

This is the reason why we have recently added Profitcents to our cache of tools.  It allows us to:

  1. Benchmark your financial results against current and exclusive industry sector information so you can compare how you are performing
  2. Efficiently create financial projections on a predictive basis from historic results
  3. Quickly evaluate “what if” scenarios of various business decisions you may make whether that be the employment of 2 additional staff, the purchase of additional equipment on HP or the transfer of an overdraft facility into a long term loan for example.

To perform at optimum efficiency your business must be in top health - it is our business to make sure we have the tools to help you achieve this!

If you would like more information on this new software then please contact Carol Wright on

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