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Bear Necessities!

04 October 2012

Touched by the recent publicity surrounding the plight of "The 3 Bears" held in Belgium who were in need of rescue, Springfords are this year sponsoring their new enclosure at the Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian.

The zoo needed to raise around £80,000 to bring the bears to Scotland and require continued support to look after the bears and their exciting collection of over 100 different species of animals, birds and reptiles from all over the world.

The bears finally arrived at the zoo in April and are thriving in their new environment - it's hoped that, with the correct diet, they will hibernate for the first time in their lives.

Springfords staff have visited the zoo with their families over the summer and the common theme has been "we had a ball" - here's an amusing diary of one mother's day at the zoo:

-  Arrived 10am
-  Sprinted round zoo by 11am after scaring two donkeys and a pig
-  2 ice creams, 3 hot dogs and then 4 shots on rides- roundabout and swing
-  Robbie sick
-  Feeling better, went to see what animal handling was. Turned out to be reptiles ( not a chance!) huge tantrum from Ewan
   who wanted to adopt a snake
-  Went to see bears who were playing hide and seek
-  Then to soft play, bouncing about on castle. Robbie sick again
-  All home at 4pm 2 happy boys - 2 exhausted parents - bring on the wine! (for me not them!)

The zoo was established in 2005 and is privately owned by Brian and Shirley Curran, employing three full time keepers, assisted by a large team of volunteers.  For more information on the zoo go to 

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