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11 January 2013

As part of Springfords’ continuing commitment to supporting young innovation companies, we are pleased to be co-sponsoring  for the third year running the Edinburgh Bioquarter 2013 Innovation Competition.

The objective of the competition is to stimulate researchers and business people with ideas to turn those into tangible new products and services which will both benefit  the health of patients (both humans and animals) and will produce profitable outcomes for the investors and the inventors.  The competition is open to researchers and academics from University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian and the closing entry date is 31 March 2013

In the past two years the competition has been running , over 30 competition winners have won a combined total of £60,000 in prize money and over 54 new scientific methods or inventions have been disclosed (the first step in the patenting process). 

The winner last year was Tissuestik, a new concept for protecting human tissue samples from cross-contamination in laboratories. Created by Mike Millar and Sheila Macpherson (pictured) of the University of Edinburgh’s Queen’s Medical Research Institute, Tissuestik addresses two of the biggest challenges experienced by scientists in the management of human tissue samples: ease of handling and cross-contamination with other samples. Clearly this product has the potential to  reduce a patient’s risk of being misdiagnosed and in some cases unnecessary surgery.  Progress has been steady and a prototype is now in the course of being developed in advance of clinical trials.  We wish them every success.

Entry is via a simple-to-use online system which takes around 5 minutes to complete and the potential rewards are significant. Five lucky winners will then be chosen from the entrants to go through to the final round of the competition in May where they will have to compete in  “Dragon’s Den” style to convince the panel of expert  judges why their product or service is worthy of winning the first prize.

James Wood , Head of Marketing & Communication at the Bioquarter says “Support from Springfords LLP and our other sponsors has been instrumental to the success of this competition, and not just because of the experience they bring to the judging process. Best of all is the support Springfords have been able to offer our winners after the competition has ended and they start their journeys from the lab to the boardroom – we couldn’t have made such a success of our Innovation Competition without the advice we’ve received from Springfords.”

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