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Client Profile - RCS Enviro - Cleaning Up By Royal Appointment

15 April 2013

“Environmental Services”- the description conjures up many images. We have all seen ‘Life of Grime’ style TV programmes showing the messier side of business that takes place all over the country, out of sight of most of us thankfully. Rats and mice causing mayhem, cockroach infested restaurants, pigeons messing up buildings and of course greasy kitchens and scene of the crime scenarios, are all topics of conversation not associated with the average dinner party!

For one of our clients, RCS Enviro of Edinburgh, these are just an everyday occurrence that they have used their experience to deal with over the last 40 years. Their loyal service to a high standard has now been rewarded with the granting of a Royal Warrant for services to Her Majesty the Queen.

RCS Enviro Director, Hugh Robertson said: “This is a considerable accolade and a huge honour for all the staff here. We are thrilled to have been awarded a Royal Warrant and it is welcome recognition of the quality of work we have done over the years for the Royal Household.  It is also the standard we aim to deliver to all our customers.”

Royal Warrants have always been regarded as demonstrating service, quality and excellence, and are highly sought after. There are around 800 Royal Warrant holders, from a cross-section of trade and industry ranging from traditional craftspeople to global multinationals.

RCS Enviro is still family owned and run but has evolved naturally over the years to incorporate additional services such as confined space cleaning work in ducting systems and animal feed bins on farms and is currently seeing increased demand for extract ventilation system reports for commercial kitchens. This is being driven by ever more stringent fire insurance legislation. 

At the quality end of the market RCS Enviro are “cleaning up” and are recognised as experts in their fields of pest control and specialist deep cleaning. 

To find out more about RCS Enviro visit their website at

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