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11 June 2013

We thought you might like this charming story about Emilia Elder, step daughter of Ian Tomlinson from our Tax Department.

Emilia, who is 8, loves writing stories and poems and not only has a Blue Peter Badge for a story she wrote, she also has a Blue Peter Silver Badge for a book of poetry she sent in - next stop Gold!

After visiting a local Book Festival recently Emilia sent a story to author Vivian French - here's an extract from her covering letter which I am sure will make you smile:

"Please reply and tell me if it is good or bad - I don't mind if you say it is bad, I do mind if you pretend it's good and I don't mind if you say it's good and mean it"

Emilia is still awaiting a reply but in the meantime has kindly written this poem for Springfords - our very own first edition!

Money, by Emilia Elder

I have tax
I have a fax
I'm always working to the max
And I get paid
With the money made
So I can buy a brand new spade
But most goes towards the tax,
The fax,
And a pair of my granny's silk knick-knacks, (it's her birthday)

Keep up to date with Emilia on her blog

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