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Springboard To Growth Programme

30 September 2013

WHAT WILL THE PROGRAMME GIVE YOU: Commercial tools to use in your
business to help it grow and prosper, time out of the day to day operations
of the business to reflect and plan on forward strategy, a review of every aspect
of how you can make more money.

WHAT WILL IT COST YOU: The programme will cost a total of £99 VAT per workshop.
You may be eligible for a SDS Grant covering 50% of the value of the whole
programme cost of £792 VAT, and we would be happy to help you complete
the necessary paperwork for presentation and refund due at the end of February.
Full course fees are payable upfront. A maximum of 10 delegates will be on
each programme. We can also arrange for the programme to be run inside
your business for the senior team – a separate fee structure may be applicable
for this option.

8 Workshops to be held at:
Springfords LLP, Dundas House, Westfield Park, Eskbank, Edinburgh, EH22 3FB


8am – 11am

Your Journey Today & Are you Making Enough Money?

6th November 2013

Increasing Revenues

20th Nov 2013

Building Differential into your Product

4th December 2013

Positioning your Business so it Stands out from the Crowd

18th December 2013

Sales and Client Service

14th January 2014

Your Operations – top down & bottom up

28th January 2014

Building Skills in Your business

11th February 2014

Building Real Value into Your Business

25th February  2014




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