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Positive Stats

15 October 2013

We thought we would share some good news with you!

Did you know that over the past year, 49% of family businesses in the UK have increased their profitability?  Surprised?  So were we. 

Also that 68% of family business owners plan to “keep it in the family” by either gifting their business or selling  their business to the next generation?  Not so surprised?  Neither were we.  However what does surprise us is how often family business owners forget to plan ahead to ensure a smooth succession to the next generation. 

These are two of the headline results of an independent survey of family businesses in which some of our own clients took part.  It was a UK wide survey which Springfords sponsored along with our other co-members of  the Praxity alliance.

Click here to download a pdf of the survey results so you can read more at your leisure.  We’re sure you will agree the results make for interesting reading.

Plus if you now realise that you, or someone you know, needs to start planning ahead for succession then please get in touch with us by contacting Carol Wright at


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