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Santa's Little Helper

07 January 2014

Santa was given a lot of help by volunteers from Falkirk Round Table, including Findlay Paul,  in the two weeks before Christmas, raising over £9,500 for local charities and those in need.

As one of Santa's Elves, Findlay, along with other willing volunteers, turned out in the dark and (nearly always!) wet and windy evenings to walk the streets alongside Santa in his sleigh, to collect money for charity. Luckily Findlay managed to keep going through the long stormy nights by wearing full ski gear which he had bought in a sale for some reason years ago and had never put to good use!

Santa was in big demand with local children, awaiting his arrival with numerous screams of delight when he was spotted. Using current technology, parents were able to check the position of Santa’s sleigh online via the "Santa Tracker", along with comments being made on the Falkirk Round Table Facebook page and Twitter account.

The local food bank is to receive the largest donation from the funds raised, emergency support has been given to needy families at Christmas time, with the rest of the funds to be distributed to further local charities.

The Round Table is the largest voluntary organisation for young men in the world. It is for those who want to have fun and help their local communities. If you are interested in learning more about this organisation then click here

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