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Adopt an Intern

20 January 2014

Adopt an Intern is a simple, effective and free way for you to find a talented graduate to join your team on a fixed, short-term basis to help complete pressing projects which your business might not have otherwise had the time, resources or skills to complete. Plus it’s a way of assessing the potential of a future employee without the red tape.

The main programme allows companies, from as small as a one-person start-up to multi-national companies, the ability to hire a graduate intern on a minimum 240-hour contract. This means you’re not tied down in permanent contracts and lengthy paperwork, while graduates benefit from hands-on, practical work experience which enhances their skills and improves their CV, making them more employable for subsequent graduate-level work – so it works well for both parties.

Adopt an Intern CEO, Joy Lewis, is pictured here with the Minister for Youth Employment, Angela Constance, to celebrate the 500th intern placed in a paid graduate internship through Adopt an Intern.

For every internship, Adopt an Intern advertises and shortlists all candidates for free, supplying you with the top three graduates, complete with detailed feedback, to interview. An entirely personal service, they work on a case-by-case basis for both host organisations and graduates to ensure that everyone receives maximum benefit from the internship experience. With minimal administration, it’s low cost and low risk and can be the perfect way to grow your team with fresh talent and new ideas. 

Network ROI, who manage our IT system, have had a very positive experience using an intern and are about to repeat the experience – as Sean Elliot , Managing Director of the company, says “The whole process of recruitment was so simple, which is really beneficial for a small business like ourselves.  In addition, being able to try out a person before going through the formal contract process was a real bonus.  We've kept on our intern and he is now a valuable part of our close-knit team.”

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