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Handling the flood - email archiving

08 April 2014

Email is still the primary form of communication for businesses and organisations across the globe. Yet often, emails are not regarded as ‘important’ enough to have an email archiving policy in place – there is certainly more to email archiving than meets the eye and it is something every business should consider.

Email may be admitted as evidence in court proceedings so organisations need to consider the practical issues this raises. These issues include taking steps to enhance the reliability of email evidence, to manage the storage of email effectively and to have appropriate controls in place regarding its use. In the case of a dispute you need to be able to produce forensically sound emails together with any attachments to a Court. You also need to produce the complete trail of emails with no omissions.

Users are creatures of habit and they like to keep emails ‘just in case’ they might need them at some point in the future and this coupled with the year on year exponential increase in email traffic (at Springfords we now deal with some 30,000 emails per month and climbing!) has led to some bloated and cumbersome email environments. This makes searching and finding important email information extremely difficult.

At Springfords we found that as our use of email expanded, email tracking was difficult because all staff were filing emails in different ways – many using client folders in their personal mailboxes which were difficult to access when staff were on holiday, some printing emails out to put into client files which added to our storage costs, others filling up in-boxes throughout the practice by copying to all and sundry around the office to ensure all staff were informed of what was happening on a particular client. We needed to find a solution to ensure our emails could be recorded, identified, tracked and quickly retrieved.  

The only way to tackle these issues head on is to put in place some kind of strategy for email archiving.

After reviewing the various options available to us, we decided to implement a product called Mailsafe from Techne-Comm which lets you archive all emails to a secure, central database with encryption and users can still access these archived emails directly from Outlook. So in an instant the email retention headache was dealt with. We can now be sure that we can find any email in a matter of seconds. We now have complete confidence that all emails can be found easily, even if staff members are on holiday or have left the company.

The Tagging & Sharing feature allows us to 'tag' emails with up to six fields (i.e. Client, Work Type, Year etc.) and share them throughout the Practice, improving communication and with the enhanced search tool, searching, finding and viewing emails in our store of some 700,000 emails using Mailsafe's Outlook toolbar is quick and easy, with minimal user training required. For more information on Mailsafe click here.

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