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Client Profile - The Scottish Conservation Studio LLP

06 June 2014

The Scottish Conservation Studio does exactly what it says on the tin -  the three Partners (pictured here) are based in Scotland and work in their studio on the Hopetoun House estate in South Queensferry conserving heirlooms, objects of art and heritage.

Each partner has over 25 years of professional experience in the conservation field and all are qualified members of ICON, the Institute of Conservation.  Tuula Pardoe specialises in textile conservation, Helen Creasy in paper and photography and Will Murray is an artefacts conservator. 



Will is pictured here on the left working on some archaeological ceramic vessels from the Bronze Age - carefully excavating them before doing some repair work to hold the fragments together.  Tuula and Helen are pictured below undertaking delicate conservation work on textiles and artwork.


In the picture on the right, Helen can be seen helping with the installation of 98 works on paper by Steven Campbell at the National Galleries of Scotland in preparation for one of this year's summer exhibitions.  The work forms a recreation of a display that was seen in Glasgow in the 1990s.  After being conserved each sheet had to be pinned to the wall using pre-existing staple holes.



And finally Tuula is seen here rolling up a seven metre long hanging known as a dossal from Lanercost Prior Church in Cumbria (see website).  William Morris, a celebrated English Arts & Crafts designer, designed the hanging and the parish ladies spent five years on embroidering it.  The 130 years old hanging had suffered significant moth infestation, soiling and fading.  It took three months for The Studio to clean the hanging, support its damaged areas, prepare it for re-display and install it back in the church.


Clients of The Studio include national heritage and cultural organisations, e.g National Galleries of Scotland and Historic Scotland, as well as many regional museums, historic houses, archaeology companies and private collectors.

The trio have helped breathe life back into many historical items including restoring an historical map damaged by a cat’s claws, repairing a moth eaten 1820’s coat found hidden in the rafters of a building and cleaning an 18th century chandelier from Provost Skene’s House in Aberdeen (click on their website here for more details).

The Studio has the privilege of conserving  a wide range of objects made from many different materials, dating from Medieval, Roman, or even Neolithic times to the present day, making them safe to handle, stable for storage or presentable for display.

They undertake surveys of historic collections, provide detailed advice on care and maintenance, and train museum professionals and volunteers in the dos and don’ts of conservation. They have also been involved in big-budget multidisciplinary conservation projects such as the restoration of Abbotsford, Sir Walter Scott’s historic house near Melrose.

Artefact and Preventive Conservator Will Murray says: “We are now in the 10th year of operation and the Studio is as busy as ever. We are grateful to Springfords for their excellent support in maintaining our financial system and controls to the level that every independent business needs to keep moving forward successfully.”

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