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Accounting - On Line

09 June 2014

As you know, Springfords likes to embrace new technology wherever we can to make life easier – for us and for you!  We already provide clients with on line secure personal filing cabinets, on line accounting software and our very own tax app.  So … what’s new?

Well … recently we have been increasing our on line accounting offering by focusing on software suitable for smaller businesses. We now have four staff  fully accredited in the set up and use of Xero on line accounting software.  This software is easy to use and very intuitive – it can even recognise your bank transactions which helps automate the bookkeeping process – imagine the amount of time this would save you!  Plus it gives you an up to date picture of your cash flow situation.

The advantage of an on line accounting package is that you can use it from any mobile device with an internet connection – so you have access to your accounts at any time of the night or day in any location.  There is also no need for you to tie up your working capital on the purchase of servers or software – you just pay a single monthly fee of under £20 per month to use the basic on line Xero service.  It also means that we can help you out remotely with your bookkeeping queries if you get stuck … and we can also analyse how your business is doing as the year progresses and give you proactive advice to help you increase your profits and minimise your tax throughout the year.    Of course, you could just choose to outsource your bookkeeping to us completely on Xero – but you would always be able to see how you were doing by just entering your Xero account on line. 

If you would like to learn more about this service then please contact Carol Wright at or access the Xero website at

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