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Distracted from distraction by distraction - TS Eliot

09 July 2015

There’s no doubt that, if we let it, Social Media can take over our lives. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and undoubtedly many other sites that we’re not trendy enough to really understand! They can all eat into our time and distract us from what we really should be doing.

However, as a business communication tool, Social Media has more attractions than distractions! In fact, it’s transforming the way business is carried out. A 2014 study by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK found that nearly 80% of consumers would be more inclined to buy more often in the future because of a brand's presence on Social Media. Difficult to ignore.

LinkedIn lets us post articles and updates, keep track of clients, customers and contacts, endorse those we’ve worked with, and interact with like-minded groups. Facebook, primarily a socialising network, is being used more and more for business and has a potentially huge reach. And Twitter… well, it’s fun, isn’t it? It’s vibrant, easy and quick to use, and lets you get a message out fast.

At Springfords, we believe there’s a place for all of these forums, and we know that many of our clients feel the same. So we’re upping our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter presence. We’re aiming to update our friends and followers with important news, to share interesting and informative items we find elsewhere, to comment on current issues, share a bit of gossip and, sometimes, just make you smile!  If you're not already following us on Social Media, you can find us on our FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter pages.  And we’d like to help our clients and contacts as well. If you’re active on Social Media and would like us to follow you, like you, share, retweet and favourite your posts, just let us know – then we can help get your message out as well as our own.

What we won’t do – EVER – is say “LoL”! You have to draw the line somewhere!

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