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Carol Smashes China!

20 January 2016

Carol Wright, one of our partners,  recently attended the Praxity Global Conference in China. 

Carol says “It was a chance to meet partners from independent accountancy practices like ours from all over the world, who are part of the global alliance of which we are a small part, and also learn more about the opportunities for businesses in China!  There were some inspiring speakers too – people who have come through the Cultural Revolution – talking about the massive changes that have taken place in China, plus the opportunities Chinese business has in the future.”

“There was much talk about China changing  focus in their current education system to ensure the copycat culture is replaced by one that produces creative thinking and innovation in the future ……  So watch the China business space – there’s lots more room for it to grow and develop!  We were also very privileged to attend a dinner at The Great Hall of the People in Beijing – the equivalent of Buckingham Palace in the UK – very grand!”

Plus, of course, it was a good excuse for Carol to tag on a holiday in a fascinating country which has been on her bucket list for a while now.  She had so many places to visit on her holiday itinerary that it’s difficult to list them all here. 

Certainly all the main tourist attractions were covered, such as The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors. 

However, those of you who know Carol well will know she likes to get off the beaten track, so needless to  say she chose to spend a lot of her holiday in the countryside, trying to get close to local culture in the outlying villages so she could experience the traditional China. 

And judging by the photos included here, she certainly achieved that!!    Ethnic ladies.  Snake wine.  Local markets.  What an experience!

Chinese dancersSnake wineChinese market
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