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Caledonian Challenge

25 February 2009
Caledonian Challenge
Caledonian Challenge 

54 miles through the West Highlands.....24 hours to walk them in....that is the RBS Caledonian Challenge 13/14 June 2009 - and the challenge a couple of us here at Springfords, Sue Bird and Marius Briedenhann have decided to take on together with two colleagues from Dundas IT / Onyx, Fiona Jackson and David Inglis.

Are we mad?  Quite possibly.  Especially when you consider that of those at Springfords who have already done this challenge, all point blank refused to do it us? Yes....take part? Over several dead bodies!

However, being true stalwarts (or completely foolhardy) our little team have not let that put us off and the new year has seen us striding out in training (in between the odd accounts preparation and filing of tax returns of course). 

Training has involved some very early Saturday morning starts  (ugh!) and so far we have walked the length and breadth of Edinburgh's paths, waterways and old railway lines.  Over the next few weeks we will be putting our stamina truly to the test and venturing into the Pentlands (although us girls are buoyed by the thought of bumping into the occasional handsome soldier!)

The true point of all this though is of course to raise money for charity and the next couple of months will see us shaking down family, friends and workmates for sponsorship....and of course clients - you have been warned!  All the money raised will be going to help local charities and communities throughout Scotland - needed now more than ever.

So wish us well please and donations of blister pads will be gratefully received!

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