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The Great Escape

20 October 2016

For this year's Springfords Outing, we decided to try out the latest craze for "Escape" games.

Essentially our staff were split into teams and locked up in themed rooms with names such as:

The Da Vinci Room; and
The Darker Side of Edinburgh

and given exactly 60 minutes to get out by solving many puzzles, riddles and brain teasers along the way.  Powers of observation are tested to the max and team work is required.  "Big Brother" is always watching you via video camera and will provide limited help if you get really really stuck.

All 6 teams did manage to get out, however some went over the time.  The top team on the day was the aptly named "Houdinis" comprising Dave Lochhead, Ian Tomlinson, Sue Bird, Susan McBirnie and Kirsty Ashworth (pictured here) who managed to get out in 50 minutes.

Once set free from the rooms, teams then took part in a Treasure Hunt around the New Town, hunting for obscure clues in obscure places see picture below (Gillian Black, Emma Logan, Lorraine Paul and Carol Wright).

We then finished our day at Hard Rock Cafe in George Street, where teams got together to compare notes and partake in a well deserved refreshement or two!!

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