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Client Profile - Barnton Pharmacy & Travel Clinic

17 January 2017

There were a million reasons NOT to buy a pharmacy in March 2010. Uncertain economy, the threat of a new pharmacy contract opening nearby, lack of business knowledge, and two tiny babies, to name a few. However this didn't stop business partners and pharmacists Leanne Carey and Sally Arnison from approaching Springfords Corporate Finance team to help them secure the funding required to put in a bid to buy Barnton Pharmacy at that time, and to project manage the negotiations going forward.

Leanne and Sally had previously worked together for a number of years before going into business, and, with their joint knowledge of the pharmacy sector, they both knew they could make a success of it. They also knew that they would be stronger together and that each would bring a different skill set to the business partnership.

The last seven years has been an exciting blur for them. Turnover for the pharmacy has grown year on year and they have won many Scottish and UK awards for their forward thinking innovation and professional services, which include opening a clinic for travel vaccinations and advice and becoming a dementia-friendly pharmacy to support the growing number of people living with dementia nearby. Their most recent development has been to run a drop-in surgery in the pharmacy, to take some of the pressure off the GP surgery. Both pharmacists can write prescriptions and have been trained to assess patients to see what treatment they may need.

Leanne and Sally say: “The team at Springfords have really supported us along the way, from the “daft” questions we ask about bookkeeping to advice about how to maximise income and reduce the tax bill. We think the team is an integral part of helping us achieve success.”

Springfords look forward to supporting the dynamic duo in the years ahead as their business goes from strength to strength.

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