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Our Thousand Pound Thursday Winner

19 January 2017

The children weren’t the only ones to get Christmas presents at our annual Kids Christmas party – Kirsty Ashworth, one of our audit team, received a surprise present too by way of an unexpected phone call.  After hanging up on what she thought was a nuisance caller during the Christmas party and very bluntly informing them that it was not a convenient time to speak, the caller finally managed to get a word in edgeways and informed her that it was Forth One’s Mark Martin making the call and that she had just won £1,000 on their weekly “Thousand Pound Thursday” competition.

Kirsty, having totally forgotten about entering the competition, was somewhat surprised and very apologetic to Mark Martin.  She even managed to get a mention in about Springfords being a drop-off point for Forth One’s Mission Christmas (thanks for the free marketing, Kirsty!) to make amends for her outburst.  

Kirsty, being the sensible accountant, has put some of the money to one side but did treat her family to a special meal out just before Christmas.  She is already aware that some of her clients and contacts heard her on the radio and is still not above getting a red face.  

Lessons learned – for everyone else - don’t mess with Kirsty if you are a nuisance caller.  And for Kirsty – make sure you are slightly more polite to unknown callers in future, as they may be trying to give you money, but do still be on your guard in case it's a fraudster!

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