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Jennifer Endures More Challenges

09 August 2017

As mentioned in our August 2016 Newsletter, Jennifer Smith, one of our Senior Account Managers, had signed up for her first Ultra Run, the Glen Ogle 33, which took place in November 2016 - so how did it go?

On a cold, but fortunately, dry winter's morning Jen set off from Killin with 370 other participants to complete the 33ish mile run.  Five hours and 45 minutes later, a cold but happy Jen crossed the finish line and as usual declared "never again - that was tough and oh so cold".  However, after warming up and a good night's sleep, as usual Jen woke up with the thought "ok what's next?".  So the planning commenced for 2017.

Follow Jen's schedule below if you can and this was only April and May:

LDWA Fife Coastal 50 Miles (walk) - 1 April 2017

The Great Tartan Skidadle (run) - 31 miles - 15 April 2017

Great Edinburgh Run (run) - 10 miles - 23 April 2017

Cateran 55 (run) 55 miles - 13 May 2017

LDWA North York Moors 100 (walk) - 27 May 2017

Even Jen admits "this was a bit much" but with the proper training under her belt and with only a couple of minor injuries "from pushing it a bit", she made it through (with lots of help from her physio and kinesiology tape).

And there's no stopping her - she's already signed up for two more ultras this year, but her new goal is the West Highland Way Race next June - 95 miles, 14,000 ft in 35 hours - keep your fingers crossed she's successful in the ballot to allow her to take part as there are limited places (

Amazingly, over the period January to May 2017 Jen walked/ran in excess of 1,000 miles so, along the lines of a famour Proclaimers song "Jen has walked 500 miles and Jen has run 500 more!".


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