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  WINTER 2016

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Client Profile - Lochrin Autos
Pension Top Up
HMRC Email Scams
Salary Sacrifice

Office Gossip

Fiona at Buckingham Palace
Fiona frocks up for a glamourous evening in SW1A.
Carol Smashes China!
Praxity Global Conference and a bucket list item ticked off.
Alex's Big Adventure
Kerrie's daughter heads for Swaziland on the trip of a lifetime.
Craig's Future Is Green
Everything in the garden looks rosy for this young man's future.

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Praxity ICFIB

Client Profile - Lochrin Autos

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, Lochrin Autos (Edinburgh) have been carefully looking after customer vehicles for 30 years.

Major investment in new technology, particularly diagnostic equipment, keeps the company competitive and able to grow.

At the same time, the size and family values of the company help provide a level of service that sets it apart from its major competitors.

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Pension Top Up

The pension landscape changed significantly last year and many experts are predicting more big changes this year.

Now may be the time to top up your pension with as much as you’re able.

If you’re a higher rate tax payer - your allowances could reduce after April 2016.

Also, the government have already consulted on taxing pension contributions and making retirement income tax free. Imagine how the pension industry would change if that happened!

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HMRC (and other) Email Scams

Do you know how to identify a fake HMRC email from a genuine one?

Actually, it's surprisingly easy to identify a fake, but that doesn't stop people being fooled into providing their personal details and, in some cases, their bank details.

'Phishing' and 'whaling' are just two methods used by the scammers to find out your sensitive information for nefarious purposes.

Read about how to deal with them (and spot a fake HMRC email) in our article.

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Salary Sacrifice

Do you operate a salary sacrifice scheme for your employees? In the right circumstances, these schemes can be win-win for employer and employee.

In a salary sacrifice scheme, part of the employee's salary is used to provide a tax-free, non-cash benefit.

The benefit could be childcare, pension contributions, cycle schemes, or some other qualifying benefit.

The attraction is that there is less National Insurance and income tax to be paid, but there can be drawbacks too.

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