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  SPRING 2017

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Client Profile John Noble Electrical Contractors Limited
Tax Update for Let Residential Property
Lean, green, battery powered machines...
Share Insurance: Control : Cash : Certainty

Office Gossip

The Bear, The Old Bags, & The Voice of Rugby
Iain Milne joins the Lunching Ladies to fund raise for noble causes.
Wedding Bells for Anne
A Tinder success story - Anne and Wullie tie the knot.
Another Bumper Year
Springfords Employee Charity Committee raise £3,542 for good causes.
Let's make a Happy Face!
Springfords have signed up for the Forth 1 1,000 Faces appeal.

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Client Profile John Noble Electrical Contractors Limited

Since 1979, the company has been providing a full range of electrical services to clients in the Central Belt.

In addition to electrical repair work, they carry out specialist design and build projects, data cabling, and security systems.

John and his wife Elizabeth attribute much of their success to their commitment to training and certification.

Professional accreditations include SELECT and ISO 9001 and are a clear indication of the quality of services their staff deliver.

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Tax Update for Let Residential Property

From the 6th of April this year, the tax relief system for individuals with let residential properties starts to change.

Prior to that date, interest paid by a landlord qualified for deductions applied against rental surpluses and so qualified for relief at the landlord's marginal rate.

The new system will operate quite differently, and could lead to the landlord's taxable income increasing into a higher income tax band.

Read our article for more details and examples.

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Lean, green, battery powered machines...

Springfords have just installed our very own electric car charging station in our car park.

So if you'd like to use it on your next visit to Dundas House, just let us know.

Besides the eco-friendly aspects of electric cars, there can be quite a few economic benefits available to businesses and employees with electric company cars.

For the employee, the benefit in kind (BIK) value is significantly less than for a petrol or diesel vehicle, and businesses can save on NI and VAT.

Read our article for more details.

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Share Insurance: Control : Cash : Certainty

A bereavement is hard for any family to deal with, but when the deceased was co-owner or significant shareholder in a company, all sorts of additional problems can surface:

  • Surviving owners lose control
  • Settlement delays for the bereaved family
  • 'Fair value' disputes
  • Fractured relationships and general stress

Share Insurance is one way to pre-empt potential problems. It caters for agreed outcomes in the event of a co-owner's death, to the benefit of both the deceased's family and the company.

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