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  SUMMER 2017

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Client Profile Archerfield Walled Garden
Top Tax Saving Tips
AutoEntry - Automate Your Bookkeeping!
Help with Childcare Costs

Office Gossip

Ultra Challenges
Just reading Jen's running schedule will exhaust you.
Findlay Hits The Irish Trail
Findlay dons Lycra again in aid of Cancer Charities.
Baby Joy
Caroline and Drew announce the arrival of a new Heart of Midlothian centre-forward.
Bowled over
Surprise winners at East Lothian
Co-op Bowling Club.

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Client Profile Archerfield Walled Garden

In the heart of East Lothian, between Gullane and Dirleton, lies the Archerfield Walled Garden.

Originally serving the nearby Archerfield House, nowadays the Walled Garden offers attractions and events for all the family.

The garden itself is immaculate and a joy for any gardener, with a vegetable garden that provides ingredients for the Garden Cafe.

There is shopping at the Food Market and Gift Shop, trails, picnic areas, the magical Fairy Trail for little ones, and even a micro brewery for the bigger ones!

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Top Tax Saving Tips

Benjamin Franklin reckoned taxes were one of the certainties in life.

He may have been right, but there are still plenty of ways to legitimately reduce your tax bill.

Our downloadable guide takes you through a host of techniques to reduce your tax including using your exemptions, allowances, savings accounts and company dividends.

Read our article, download the guide, and get in touch with our specialists if you need more details.

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AutoEntry - Automate Your Bookkeeping!

We're always on the lookout for ways of using technology to work more efficiently.

Manually posting invoices into your accounting package is a time-consuming process but it's something that needs to be done correctly.

What if you could automate the invoice data entry process?

That's exactly what AutoEntry software does. It can scan all your invoices and at a push of a button, post them into your accounting package.

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Help with Childcare Costs

A new Tax Free Childcare scheme was launched this year and we look at how it compares with the existing Childcare Vouchers system.

  • Tax Free Childcare - both partners employed or self-employed, restrictions on hours worked and earnings.
  • Childcare Vouchers - may be offered by an employer, must earn over a certain amount.

Each scheme has a lot of variables to consider, so read our comparison to find out which would currently work best for you.

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