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Interests overseas

It’s not just multi-national corporations and individuals with £millions to invest in tax havens who need international tax advice! Many of our clients have interests overseas, and we also advise many overseas residents on their UK interests.

If you’re leaving the UK, or returning after a period abroad, we’ll ensure that you know where you stand tax-wise, and that you take advantage of any tax planning opportunities arising. If you have foreign income or gains, you’ll need advice on how to report these in your tax returns, and how to ensure that any double tax relief is correctly claimed.

You might have a holiday home abroad, and have to cope with overseas tax issues, as well as declaring any rental income in the UK. Foreign exchange gains and losses might be in point, you may have a non-UK domicile, or need advice on an inheritance from overseas.

If your business is expanding overseas, there’ll be lots to think about, and we can guide you through the maze, as well as helping you source the advice you need abroad. And if you’re a non-resident landlord, we’ll ensure that you comply with the special NRL tax legislation, and advise on the impact of (frequent!) new legislation.

Whatever your international issues might be, and whatever country they might originate from, we can help.

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